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May 26, 2006: Off To Down Under

As you read this, Monica and I should be on a plane over the Pacific, on our way to New Zealand. First real vacation in don't-know-how-many years. Woot! We'll be away for three weeks. Yes, that time includes two conventions, but (a) conventions are fun, and (b) there will be some real sightseeing before, between, and after!

First stop is Auckland, for Conclave, the national SF convention of New Zealand. This is my first time as a GoH at a national SF con. Me jaded? NOT. Excited, more like it. We'll be presenting a multi-hour seminar on game creation, and writing up the outline was a very interesting exercise. And we'll also be seeing a lot of the scenery that Peter Jackson made famous.

The next week we fly to Sydney for a couple of days of tourism, with the redoubtable David Morgan-Mar, creator of the Irregular Webcomic, doing his best to keep us out of trouble. Then it's to Canberra - probably by ground, details not determined - to Conflux. Any convention that has both a medieval feast and a Masquerade Disco is a convention I expect to enjoy!

Then one more day of playing tourist. Then home. And I really expect that everything will be under control and there'll be some great new GURPS drafts to read. I won't put on the pressure by naming names . . . you know who you are!

And yes, yes, there will be pictures. Why do you think I ran out and got that new camera?
-- Steve Jackson

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