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May 28, 2005: The Latest From e23

New doings at our online store . . .

We've celebrated a few milestones over at e23, but this week we got to celebrate a milestone for one of our vendors. The talented, sometimes twisted, and always terrific Phil Reed of Ronin Arts sent us his 100th product for e23. Ronin Arts has material for every genre and every taste, and if you haven't browsed through what they have to offer, you're missing out.

We've also picked up a couple of good reviews for our newest e23 original PDFs. RPGnet had this to say about GURPS Casey & Andy:

Style: 4 (Classy & Well Done)
Substance: 4 (Meaty)

"A faithful and well-done adaptation of the Casey & Andy webcomic. Fans of the strip will find much to like here, as will any gamer that enjoys settings, characters, and adventures with a bizarre sense of humor."

Read the rest at: www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/11/11293.phtml

And our biggest PDF hit so far, GURPS Mysteries, just got a smashing five-star review on ENWorld. Reviewer "Crothian" had this to say: "GURPS Mysteries is the ultimate in mystery role playing books. It is very useful to any genre and any game but obviously even more useful for GURPS players. I am very impressed with the research, the completeness, and the absolute great approach to mysteries for role playing games. This book is basically a must have for anyone planning on doing a mystery role playing game." Read the entire review for yourself!

-- Scott Haring

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