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May 28, 2013: It's The Future; Lock And Load!

Pyramid #3/55: Military Sci-Fi

If there's one thing we know about the future, it's that there will be conflict -- quite probably with organized, well-armed folks. It's in that spirit that we salute the fighting forces of the future with Pyramid #3/55: Military Sci-Fi, the latest issue of Pyramid.

This edition showcases Hans-Christian Vortisch's expansion to his popular GURPS Tactical Shooting supplement with "Tactical Shooting: Tomorrow," taking the tools and techniques of realistic shooting into the future (including two new GURPS techniques). It also includes new and revised GURPS Ultra-Tech and GURPS High-Tech martial equipment, computers, software, options, and more. For the well-armed soldier, it offers Ultra-Tech co-author Kenneth Peters' look at how the future soldier will be outfitted -- including a pre-calculated set of gear in the GURPS Loadouts format!

In addition to intel on future fighting forces, this issue also provides a new alien threat from David L. Pulver (including GURPS template and GURPS Spaceships stats for one of their vessels), and another Spaceships craft that redefines "point A" and "point B."

Don't be afraid of aliens in the ducts! Pick up this issue individually, or start your subscription today and protect the future!

-- Steven Marsh

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