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May 29, 2013: Amazing Animal Facts!

Do you love learning about animals as much as I do? Then you need to check out the Medieval Bestiary! It's got all sorts of great facts about the animals you know and love, like the eagle who expels its children from the nest if their eyes are too weak to stare into the sun. There's even stuff on critters you probably never even knew existed. Take the leucrota: offspring of a hyena and a lioness this strange animal has hooves and a toothless mouth that stretches from ear to ear.

Wait a minute . . .  The more I read, the less certain I am that these are "facts." But you have to admit, it makes for a pretty fantastic read. Check out the introduction page to see what these crazy descriptions are all about (if you hadn't already). Then go straight to the alphabetical index of beasts to learn strange new things about the animals you thought you knew.

-- Ben Williams

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