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November 4, 2012: Crowdfunding Focus: 2013 John Picacio Calendar

John Picacio won the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist, an award that (in this humble scribe's opinion) was long overdue. John is also one of the truly nice guys in the world, someone I'm happy to be able to call a friend. So it's my privilege and pleasure to point y'all at his Kickstarter project for a 2013 calendar featuring 12 of his best illustrations over his career. If you want a GORGEOUS calendar, this is the one for you.

The Kickstarter funding drive ends on November 28, but why wait? You might forget, and then you wouldn't be able to enjoy this fantastic (and did we mention GORGEOUS?) calendar, because it will not be available in stores. Twelve great illustrations from one of SF's best artists, all for $25 -- that's a steal, friends, even if you didn't get a calendar as well.

-- Andrew Hackard

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