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November 29, 2012: Bully Pulpit's Durance RPG Looks Like Fun!

[Image]Earlier this year Bully Pulpit Games ran a Kickstarter project for the Durance roleplaying game. A storytelling game with a lot of emphasis on abusing the characters, Durance sits the players down to create a sci-fi prison colony, populate the colony, and then drive the action to run the characters through every single wringer imaginable. The concept and Kickstarter pitch was cool enough that I had to back the project . . . and the game arrived right before setting off for a meeting to review the Ogre manufacturing challenges (which Steve briefly touched on in a recent update on the project at Kickstarter).

While on the flight I read through the rules and examined the Durance Surveyor Cards and, once I had a little time, I sat down and wrote out my initial thoughts on the game and the card accessory. For now my two posts about the game at battlegrip.com -- Reading - Durance RPG and Review - Durance Surveyor Cards -- are based solely on multiple readings of the material, but as soon as I get the time I'm going to sit down and give the game a shot. This really does look like a fun way to spend an evening with friends.

There needs to be more time for games in my life.

-- Phil Reed

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