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November 17, 2012: Cthulhu Battle Beasts

One awesome thing about being so geeky that I run a blog devoted to toys is that I get to see some really wild stuff. And one of the wilder bits of fun recently has to be the custom Beast Saga toys posted at livedoor.jp. Beast Saga, for those of you who don't follow the toy industry, is Japanese toymaker Takara's re-imagining of the old Battle Beasts toys (see Wikipedia if you're not a child of the eighties). And this time around the action figures have dice launchers built into their chests so there's a bit more going on than wood beating water.

Anyway, back to the Elder Gods. The custom action figures at livedoor.jp are pretty sweet, and they're all Cthulhu-inspired designs. And is that Cthulhu Dice I see displayed with the custom toys?

-- Phil Reed

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