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November 6, 2009: Look What Justin Made!

Castle Panic cover

As we mentioned back in May, Justin is back on staff. While he was away, however, he wasn't just putting starbursts around pictures of puppies: he was designing a game.

Castle Panic is a cool cooperative game in which the players defend their towers against an onslaught of goblins, ogres, and boulders. It's tense, fun, and great for gamers and non-gamers alike. Like Pandemic or Arkham Horror, the board is trying to crush the players, but with Castle Panic there's a sense of whimsy that makes it more accessible to non-gamers -- and it doesn't take hours to have the game beat you.

As you can tell, I love the game quite a bit. If you'd like a bit more objective review, there are quite a few excellent posts on BoardGameGeek that summarize the gameplay nicely. And once you've decided to buy it, Warehouse 23 has copies in stock!

-- Paul Chapman

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