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November 15, 2009: Halloween Games and Costumes

Castle Panic is awesome

As promised, we've created a page for all the costumes from our Halloween Game Day. This year we had some excellent ones: Ben as Hamburgler, Alex as Rorschach, Justin as Sweeny Todd, and Jimmie as the Monster in the Darkness. But even the subtle ones were fun, from Will's monkey half-mask to Barbara's antenna. And SJ's freaky eyes . . . it was disconcerting to play a game across from those!

And play games we did! From Pandemic and Castle Panic to Incan Gold and Roll Through The Ages: Bronze Age, we gamers did what we do best. A ton of fun was had by all, and much sugar was consumed.

Now it's back to work -- at least until the Christmas Game Day!

-- Paul Chapman


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