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November 25, 2009: The Stars Are Right Designer's Notes

During Spiel, I got a chance to chat with Klaus Westerhoff, designer of The Stars Are Right. He showed me his current project, and we discussed the English edition of his game.

On the plane ride back, I made a note: "Get KW to write TSAR designer's notes." But once I e-mailed my idea to him, he reminded me that he'd already done so.

As Homer would say: "D'oh!" My excuse is he posted it to BoardGameGeek during Gen Con, when my brain was being eaten by a dozen other eldritch tasks -- including running demos of TSAR! But even without prompting, the article is exactly what I would have asked for: a view into the inspiration of the design and how he overcame various obstacles he encounterd during the development. Enjoy!

-- Paul Chapman


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