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November 9, 2005: BoardGameGeek.con Report

This past weekend the folks at BoardGameGeek.com held the first of what will hopefully become annual conventions. BGG.con was one of the most enjoyable cons I've had the opportunity to attend. It was well organized, the attendees were all friendly, there were lots of games to play, and this was one of those rare events where the hotel room seemed almost superfluous. (Though I'm getting too old to play games until breakfast every morning, unless I sleep in at least once.)

The organizers even brought back copies of the new European board games shown at Spiel (in Essen Germany). Expect Caylus (published by Ystari Games and Rio Grande Games) to make a big splash with its North American release; all three copies were in constant use, and there was always a waiting list.

And if you missed the con, you can read about the games we played on the BoardGameGeek.com site. For those who haven't seen it, it's an excellent source of game information. (In spite of the name, it covers card games too.)
-- Giles Schildt

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