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November 15, 2005: New Office! Yes!

Look, our new office!

You can see it pretty well despite the presence of Black Vans 5, 17, and 23. Isn't it pretty? We'll get some better pictures later. This is only the office building. The warehouse is separate, but also shiny and new.

Moving progress continues. Everyone is busy boxing up 25 years worth of accumulated STUFF . . . deciding what furniture to keep and what to walk away from, laughing . . . and occasionally making little cries of glee as some interesting piece of history (and/or garbage) is unearthed.

Warehouse 23 is also keeping very busy with the $9.95 GURPS book markdown. This is a permanent price drop on the Third Edition sourcebooks, and at the rate things are going, we won't have many copies of those to move to the new warehouse. That is the yay. At any rate, if you have any holes in your collection, now's the time to fill them.

It's actually possible we might be in our new building for Christmas. Hope, hope. That space to the right of the doors, as you look at the picture, would be perfect for our giant wreath . . .

-- Steve Jackson

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