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November 11, 2012: New Munchkin Jumbo D6s -- Black With Light Blue Ink

[Image]You know that moment in the sci-fi flick where the heroes find the jet-black alien pod and there's a bright blue crack of light as it slowly opens to reveal its mysterious contents?

We managed to capture that riveting experience with our new Munchkin Jumbo d6s in black with light blue ink! These dice have never been offered before by SJ Games, and we're excited to have them as a Warehouse 23 exclusive!

You can use these awesome void-colored cubes to activate the "Door Close" button across the hall while being pursued by evil space troopers, replace the ultra-drive fuse in your starship when you can't make it to port, barter with Awful Green Things from Outer Space, prop up a corner of a leaning holochess table, or (imagine this) even use it to generate a random integer from 1 to 6!

-- Andreas Stein

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