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November 27, 2012: Meanwhile, On Kickstarter . . .

. . . interesting things continue to show up. Here are three that caught my attention.

Rise of the Cult of Nagfa: A modestly-sized project to create a Pathfinder adventure. It hit its $750 goal (I told you it was modest) before I even saw it. Okay, so it was at $751, but that's still over the goal. I like the creator's description. It's interesting and well-written. That may seem like pretty basic praise, but I see a lot of RPG projects that (sorry, guys!) describe a banal idea in disconnected and ungrammatical terms.  Seeing a coherent and amusing description was a breath of fresh air. And the support levels at which you get an actual copy of the adventure seem reasonable. If you're a Pathfinder player, and the odds say that you just might be, this is one to look at.

1775 - Rebellion: A boardgame project from Academy Games; one of the designers is Beau Beckett (Castellan). The components in the video look beautiful, but I'm recommending this because I've been saying "I want to see what Beckett designs next." This one is 50% over its goal already, even though it's only a few days old.

Turn to 400: A documentary about the Fighting Fantasy series by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. No, not me, the BRITISH Steve Jackson! Unlike the above two projects, Turn to 400 is almost at the end of its term, and it's a long way from its support goal. With tens of thousands of Fighting Fantasy fans out there, it surprises me that (at this moment) there are only 301 backers. The demo video is engaging and convincing . . . if Sean Riley gets his support, he'll be able to make a film that will capture an important part of the history of roleplaying. Please go take a look at this one.

-- Steve Jackson

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