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October 9, 2003: It Just Keeps Going, And Going, And Going . . .

Munchkin 3.5 - Clerical Errata

Remember when we decided to put the misprint Clerical Errors decks up for sale? We set aside 1,200 decks, and figured we'd have the vast majority of them sitting around for a good long time. After all, how many people could possibly want a deck of misprints? So Clerical Errata went up on Warehouse 23, and that was that.

But then the pre-orders started coming in.

Ah, we said, the people who want these want them right away; it makes a certain amount of sense. So there'll be a spike of sales, and then it'll drop off.

And then the release date came, and we shipped the pre-orders. And people Kept On Buying Them.

To date, we've sold over 400 decks of Munchkin 3.5 - Clerical Errata; that's more than a third of the total amount we set aside. And people are still buying them, a few every day. It was even our top seller in Warehouse 23 for September . . .

Who are we to argue? We're happy to sell them to you! But if you want a deck, you might want to get yours soon, because they're going a lot faster than we thought . . .

-- Fade, Warehouse 23 Clerk

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