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October 15, 2003: Munchkin Headquarters

Is this a cool sign, or what?

We printed several thousand of those for retailers. If you're a retailer and your distributor hasn't sent you a few of these, make a loud Munchkin noise at him NOW!

If your distributor really can't get you one, whine . . . and then send us a manila envelope at least 8 1/2" long, addressed back to your store with 2 oz. postage, and we'll send you one, and one of the similar Clerical Errors signs as well.

Fans, we know you are going to ask for these signs, too. And they're not an inventory item, so selling them to you would be a pain. And we hate pain, so we won't sell them to you. We will, however, GIVE you one of each if you make any order from W23 during the month of November.
-- Steve Jackson

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