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October 15, 2008: No Time To Lose!

There's a copy of Munchkin Quest for auction on eBay! And now, you have less than a day left to bid.

Actually, this Daily Illuminator was posted at midnight, Central Time, on Wednesday October 15, which gives you, at most, 15 hours. If you're reading this later in the morning, you've got much less time . . . and if you waited until after 3pm, you're too late.

This auction will put a genuine copy of Munchkin Quest in your hands, nearly a month before it hits shelves. The proceeds will go to Child's Play, a charity that makes video games available to hospitalized kids. It's a win-win!

Update: The auction has, of couse, closed now. In the end, the final bid was $213! Wow!

-- Paul Chapman

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