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October 22, 2008: SJ Essen Schedule

If you're looking for SJ in Essen, here's his official signing schedule:

  • Thursday: 3pm to 5pm, Pegasus booth, Hall 6.
  • Friday: 1pm to 3pm, Pegasus booth, Hall 12.
  • Saturday: 3pm to 5pm, Pegasus booth, Hall 6.

If you're a MIB, there's a Secret Signing Session just for you -- ask your Cell Leader for details!

And we have a lot of games, including the Munchkin Sixth German National Championships -- both the last two qualifiers and the tourney, the Deluxe Illuminati Championships, and the Munchkin European Championships! And many, many demos.

If this were all Birger and the gang had going on this weekend, it would be impressive. But wherever Phil and SJ go, they bring prototypes and playtest sets of games at all stages of development. Look for them in the Pegasus booth at all hours. I'd tell you what they're bringing, but a couple are so new, they don't even have proper names yet.

And Essen is the official worldwide first release of Munchkin Quest! We air freighted 150 copies from the factory to Essen. If you don't happen to be in Essen, you have NO chance at these. If you ARE in Essen . . . well, all we can say is, don't be the 151st one to bring us your gold pieces.
-- Paul Chapman

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