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October 27, 2008: Action, Part Deux

Sean Punch's second installment in his Action series has hit the electronic shelves of e23. These fifty pages cover what to do to with your characters, once they've been created using Action 1: Heroes.

For players, Action 2: Exploits has hundreds of ways to show off  their heroes' skills on adventures. Cat burglary and parkour, remote hacking and hands-on surveillance, polite and not-so-polite social engineering . . . Sean has covered all the "cool moves" the proper thriller hero needs.

For the GM, Exploits supplies challenges for a whole team of heroes. There's advice on turning classic action-movie scenes into adventures that spotlight all the heroes, along with input on having cunning henchmen pull stunts of their own -- up to and including using WMD!

Add in Assistance Rolls and Duty advice, and a quick-and-dirty chase system and rules for speeding up combat, complete with new cinematic options, and you've got a GURPS release that everyone can use!

-- Paul Chapman

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