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October 28, 2013: Spells, Traps, Powers, And More, Behind This Dungeon Door

Pyramid #3/60: Dungeon Fantasy III

The dusty subterranean corridors of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy have proven endlessly rewarding for those who've explored them. Yet still delvers desire more powers and options . . . while GMs have longed for more traps and obstacles. We have heard those plaintive echoes and returned with unimaginable treasure: Pyramid #3/60: Dungeon Fantasy III. This issue includes two articles by Dungeon Fantasy architect Sean Punch; the first rips open the possibilities of bardic and wizardly spell-list options, while the second is a designer's overview of the series -- including the new beastmaster template (for those with animal magnetism).

This issue also includes a meaty guide to generating random traps for Dungeon Fantasy (using over 20 tables to determine the type, quality, and effect), power-up possibilities for the mystic knight template from Pyramid #3/13: Thaumatology, and David L. Pulver's monthly column, which this time looks at transporting modern heroes into dungeon-crawls past. (Dare we mention the GURPS vehicle stats for the Dungeonmobile? I think we dare . . .)

Whether you're looking to add danger to your dungeons, possibilities to your professions, or spells to your sorcerers, Dungeon Fantasy III is a treasure trove of topics. Pick up this issue individually, or start your subscription today and crack open an undiscovered vault of gaming goodness . . . with Pyramid!

-- Steven Marsh

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