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October 1, 2013: Secret Meetings In Dallas

It's time once again for the Dallas Fall Toy Preview, that special event that sets in motion all of the work that takes us from today to new games in store for Christmas . . . next year. This special trade show is closed to the press and public, but it is here where secret plans are shared with retailers and games, and toys are shown at their earliest stages. The various meetings happening during the show are so very secretive that almost every single "booth" is actually a closed door meeting room, but one benefit to knowing people at numerous companies is that I can usually get in for sneak peeks at next year's new awesome.

What are we showing in our own closed door meetings? That's still a secret, but we've got one trick that I'm hoping will go over well and lead to a new addition to our zombies page. It's not a Zombie Dice expansion or sequel, but our packaging plans include a near-exact copy of the Zombie Dice cup and blister . . . I've said too much.

-- Phil Reed

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