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October 28, 2017: The Secret Masters Talk Illuminati, 2018 Edition


The public playtest for the 2018 edition of Illuminati is coming to a close on November 1, and we've received a lot of great feedback. If you want to take part, you only have a few more days to do it, so print it out and have an Illuminati test weekend!

We wanted to take a moment to answer a couple of the more common questions fans have had during the playtest. With questions about the size of cards, many fans were wondering about the compatibility of their existing expansions. Those expansions will not be compatible with the newest edition. However, that isn't to say we won't reprint the expansions to be compatible with the new edition. It's not a guarantee, but if the game does well enough, it's something we would definitely consider. 

Speaking of expansions, new expansions aren't out of the question; as a matter of fact, they are a definite possibility. But again, we'll have to see how game does with our updates to contemporize it a bit. So no guarantees, but it's definitely on the table for consideration. 

Make sure to leave your feedback to our playtest on our forum before November 1! The secret masters are listening. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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