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September 28, 2017: Announcements For January

New year, new games! You'll be seeing a host of new stuff throughout the year in 2018. Ringing in this very exciting year for SJ Games, we bring you a brand new Munchkin game! Find all these and more at your friendly local game store in January 2018! 

Munchkin Magical MessMunchkin Magical Mess

Murder more monsters for much merriment!

Moop is back, with more magical messed-up mayhem in his menagerie! One Monster Mashup wasn't enough, so we're bringing you even more mixed-up monsters for your fighting pleasure. Fight off the Clampire and Bearricuda with your Butterfly Knife and Snailgun, and protect yourself with the Cat's Pajamas

Features art by Ian McGinty, of Munchkin comics and Munchkin Guest Artist Edition.

This is a complete game, fully compatible with Moop's Monster Mashup and all the other Munchkin games.


Zombie Dice 2 - Double FeatureZombie Dice 2 - Double Feature

It's a blockbuster!

If you love zombies, you love zombie movies . . . and Zombie Dice! So here it is: Zombie Dice 2 – Double Feature!

Three new dice give you three new ways to play. For the Big Summer Action Movie, you've got the two Heroes: the Hunk and the Hottie. He's got a double-shotgun icon, but if you eat his brain, you score double. The Hottie has two shotguns and three feet icons, making her fast AND dangerous.

For Santa Claus Meets the Zombies, you guessed it: Santa Claus is coming to town! He has three special gift icons – a helmet, an energy drink, and a double brain! Or, of course, you could eat Santa's brain. It's a very merry undead Christmas!

Finally, in The Direct-to-Video Sequel: Use all three new dice to watch Santa rescue the Heroes! Three new ways to eat brains, and they're all in Zombie Dice 2 – Double Feature.

Munchkin 2 - Unnatural AxeMunchkin 2 - Unnatural Axe

More cards for the game of killing monsters and taking their stuff.

Play a new race: Orcs! Face foes like the Hydrant and the Tentacle Demon. Equip yourself with dread armor like the Spiked Codpiece. Recruit allies like the Shoulder Dragon. Wield mighty weapons like Druid Fluid, the Slug Thrower, and (of course) the terrifying Unnatural Axe . . . and show them who's the greatest munchkin of all.

Munchkin 2 – Unnatural Axe is a supplement to Munchkin; you need the original game to play. Or you could add it to any of the other Munchkin game sets. It'll work, and it'll be silly, and that's what we all want here.

Munchkin 3 - Clerical ErrorsMunchkin 3 - Clerical Errors

Don't split the party!

Play a new race: Gnomes! Try on the Bard class. Face the Tequila Mockingbird, the Bad Ass, and the dreaded Auntie Paladin! Equip yourself with amazing items like the Chainmail Bikini and the Stab-A-Matic . . . and show them who's the mightiest, munchkinest dungeon delver of all.

This set has a special treat - we asked five of our favorite Comic Guys to do one card each. So in this set, you'll find:

This is not a stand-alone game. It is an expansion for Munchkin.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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