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September 14, 2017: Conspiracy Theory Project Launched On Kickstarter

Conspiracy Theory

In this time of national questioning and discord, I'm doing my part . . . by making a game. I'm going back to the conspiracy theme with a new Kickstarter project.

In Conspiracy Theory, you explore who's really doing what, to whom, and how they are keeping it secret. And you have to convince the other players that your theory is best.

Conspiracy Theory is NOT an "adults only" game. We have tested it with parents and their kids, and it went well. Neither is it a game where the referee has the lion's share of the fun. It is designed for active involvement by every player in every round.

This is a stand-alone game with at least 480 cards – more if stretch goals are met. There will also be an exclusive expansion only for Kickstarter supporters (that is, those cards will not be republished if we do more print runs). We may or may not publish more supplements. But I hope we do, because the first one is already written, and it adds a new card type . . .

Early supporters get a good deal, so please go and support!

I will do a Facebook Live segment on Thursday afternoon, answering questions about the game. Ask your questions on the linked post with the hashtag #SJGamesLive. I'll be picking the best questions to answer during the stream!

-- Steve Jackson

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