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September 22, 2017: Want Some Rockin’ Free Ogre Stuff? Here’s How . . .

Hello, everyone!

Jake from Auroch Digital here once again, this time to give you free stuff. Everyone likes free stuff, right?

Free DLC! Ogre Deluxe Official Soundtrack

Ogre Soundtrack

I suppose this also acts as a mini-announcement of sorts! We'll be launching on Steam with the Ogre Deluxe Official Soundtrack available; that includes the Ogre Suite as well as new material made specifically for the video-game version. It's the ultimate Ogre soundtrack, basically.

While this will be paid DLC for most people, we'd like to give it to you - the Ogre community - for free, as a small thank-you for being so friendly and supporting us throughout the game's development.

To get the DLC when the game launches on Steam, all you need to do is ensure you're signed up to the Auroch Digital mailing list and we'll mail you your code when the game is available. Note: in order to redeem the key, you'll need to purchase Ogre on Steam when it's available.

Free shiny things! Ogre phone and desktop wallpapers

Ogre Wallpaper

We also made you some more free stuff, that's available to everyone RIGHT NOW - official Ogre wallpapers for your desktop and phone. There's a nice variety of designs taken both from the Ogre video game and art from the classic Ogre tabletop games, so hopefully there'll be something to adorn every screen. Head on over to Warehouse 23 to download them.

Ogre's October 5th release on Steam is tantalisingly close, so ensure it's on your Steam Wishlist to be sent an email when it's available.

More questions? Visit the forums here or on Steam to say hello. Want more Ogre? Give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Speak to you again shortly!

-- Jake, Community Manager at Auroch Digital

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