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October 29, 2008: Reminder To Vote

Don't care what your "key issue" is, nor whom you agree or disagree with. All that's important is that you go out and cast that ballot. Make your voice heard!

No, it isn't Election Day yet. However, most places have early voting centers available at very reasonable hours. Here in Austin, there have been volunteers working 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday (and noon to 6 on Sunday!) during the two weeks before November 4. So there isn't any excuse there.

Some, myself included, have made the argument that due to the structure in the local area, or the electoral college, or whatever, one vote won't make a difference. However, if a butterfly can cause a hurricane, then why couldn't a single vote change an election?

(For me -- and this exposes my geekhood far too much -- it was revolving doors. See, I always use 'em, as they're marvelous pieces of technology; it would be an insult to Theophilus Van Kannel's highly evolved engineering brains to not use them. Voting in a democracy is the same thing -- a piece of highly evolved social engineering that would be a shame to waste.)

-- Paul Chapman

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