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October 31, 2012: Castellan Rules Review

Castellan, our castle-construction game designed by Beau Beckett, is getting very close to being completely wrapped up and sent off to the factory for manufacturing. We've been showing off the gorgeous components and playing the game at conventions for the past year, and now that we have all of the rules translations completed, we're down to just the final checks and packaging design. And since we got so much good help the last time we shared game rules, we're trying again, this time posting the Castellan rules in five languages for your feedback:

All we're looking for are true mistakes. Discussions about game rules and gameplay aren't really useful at this time -- the game has been through extensive testing and we're happy with the final game -- but if you spot any actual errors please send me an e-mail. We'll accept comments until November 5th.

-- Phil Reed

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