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October 26, 2012: 3-D Modeling With Form 1

We just supported Form 1 on Kickstarter. If you want to get in on this 3-D printing system, you've got a bit less than a day. The project closes early Friday morning. It's already massively over goal: they were looking for $100K, and they've already broken $2.5 million.

We have all kinds of ideas for an in-house 3-D printer. Prototype dice of all kind. Game parts (imagine how quickly we could have had a Castellan prototype if we'd had this). Ogre and Car Wars models. Lifelike portraits of Cthulhu and his ilk . . . no, wait, we need a 4-D printer for that one.

Our scheduled delivery is March. We well know how Kickstarter projects can slip, especially when they get really big, so we will have no standing to complain if it's not quite on time. But when it shows up, we'll be ready!

-- Steve Jackson

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