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September 1, 2007: New Errata Coordinator

After years as a volunteer position, the errata coordinator job is being moved to staff. Conveniently enough, I'm on staff, so I'm the one who will be taking care of errata now. (When the job description includes the line "Other duties as assigned," they really mean it.) This also includes errata for Steve Jackson Games products on e23; for instance, if you've been sitting on some error you noticed in the In Nomine Superiors: Litheroy writeup, now's the time to send it in!

Andy Vetromile, our former errata coordinator, will be forwarding all errata in progress to me. (He'll also be helping me out with the procedures, so that I can avoid having a nervous breakdown the first time I try to deal with errata for GURPS Vehicles.) However, if you've submitted errata that hasn't received a response yet, please send it again to errata@sjgames.com. That way we'll be able to make sure nothing's missed in the shuffle.
-- Fade Manley

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