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September 16, 2007: Center Of Science And Industry

But nobody calls it that. It's COSI, a fantastic, hands-on museum for kids - and the young at heart - in Columbus. I spent the afternoon there, the day after Origins, and had a great time. Only now do I write about it; well, better late than never!

The executive summary is: if you like children's museums, this is a very, very good example. It's big, clean, bright, airy, and full of extraordinarily neat stuff . . . some to look at, some to touch. I didn't have any kids to take, so I didn't get the FULL experience, but there were plenty of littles running around, having a ball and probably learning a thing or two. High points:

  • The 3-D dinosaur movie.
  • The outdoor patio with giant machines, including a huge lever with which you can actually lift a car all by yourself.
  • The "Ocean" exhibit, with lots of moving water, including jets you can direct and fountains you can dip a hand in.
  • The "Progress" exhibit, which recreates a small-town street from 1898 and 1962.
If you go to Origins next year, think about making the time to visit COSI. You might like it as much as I did.
-- Steve Jackson

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