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September 3, 2023: How Many Monitors?

A question for our fans: For those of you in the computer-desktop realm, how many monitors do you use?

For years I've been a two-monitor guy. One serves as my primary display, and the second one is my "TV or radio I've got on in the background" media-type monitor that I can extend my digital workspace to if need be. I've liked it well enough, but I always have that "grass is always greener" feeling, either from seeing folks with more monitors (letting me roleplay my "I'M BATMAN!"-type Batcave fantasies), or from seeing folks with just one big, beautiful monitor.

It's also difficult to navigate these feelings too much, since I'd hate to spend hundreds or thousands on a single monitor and go, "Ehhhh . . . not doing it for me."

I'm always looking for new productivity or quality-of-life improvements, so if you are open to share your own experiences, the forums for the Daily Illuminators is a great spot to offer insight. (And that goes triply so if you know or are Batman.)

-- Steven Marsh

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