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September 15, 2023: Tabloids Launches On Kickstarter

Breaking news: Bigfoot Kidnaps President! No wait, we're getting an update. Martians Attack Fort Knox! Wait a minute . . . is this true? It must be; I read it in the Tabloids! Tabloids is the new headline-making party game designed by Steve Jackson. It launched on Kickstarter yesterday and has already met its goal!

In Tabloids, players take a hand of word cards, and each round they create their best headline; then each intrepid journalist votes for their favorite. Tabloids is zany, just like the source material, so we made the cards over the top as well so you can create the wildest headlines. 

Coming from someone who has had a chance to playtest the game . . . this is my favorite new party game! You're given loads of words to work with, so all you have to do is put them in the silliest order you can think of. Because in the fast-paced world of Tabloids, the front page goes to the freakiest headline!

The Kickstarter runs through September 30; support local journalism and make your pledge today! 

-- Hunter Shelburne


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