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September 8, 2007: Back From Dragon*Con

I actually got back to the office on Tuesday, but just briefly -- Monday was a long, long day.

Dragon*Con was great fun, even though I didn't get much beyond the Adventure Retail booth. Many Exact Change Dances were danced, many gamers filled holes in their collection or found new fun, and many incredible costumes were worn. This year was the best Dragon*Con, sales-wise, in history for our little collection of games, and likely in the top five of all conventions.

In general, the national conventions seem to be seeing a resurgence in attendance. Is this a reaction to fewer active local game stores, or perhaps a rebellion against the pervasiveness of digital communications, with gamers seeking out face-to-face contact with those of like interests? Either way, I'm fully in favor of the results. Conventions are great ways to try a wide variety of new games, both to discover hidden gems and to discover that, no matter what the reviews say, you don't like Ticket to Ride.

(Note: Ticket to Ride is just used as an example. Personally, I think it's a great game, and I'm not just saying that because I hold a nigh-perfect winning streak on Ticket to Ride: Europe. But it definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea.)
-- Paul Chapman

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