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September 16, 2012: Meet Daniel, Ogre Line Editor

Hi everyone, I'm the new Ogre Line Editor (read: dogsbody, aide-de-camp, and general lackey for all things Ogre). I started to help out in the wake of the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year -- the position literally exists because of your support! I'm currently based in England, but the wheels are in motion for me to visit Ogre Command in Austin later this year.

It's my job to serve all you Ogre fans out there as best as I can. In the past month or two that has involved grappling with stats for some of the more esoteric units in the upcoming Ogre Designer's Edition (like the Doppelsoldner), proofing over a thousand counters, checking the Pocket Ogre rulebook, running competitions at Continuum and Congenial, moderating the Ogre boards, and a dozen other things. I'm loving every minute of it!

Besides my lifelong passion for board games, an interest in history and a background in writing and editing help me out. I enjoy all kinds of games, but my special loves are wargames and thematic games. Guess what? Ogre -- along with other scifi games like Battletech -- is to me the perfect blend of the two. I love the rich and imaginative background universes which provide the backdrop for the action.

-- Daniel

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