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September 27, 2016: Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter Ending Soon!

Dungeon Fantasy RPG

The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Kickstarter is running low on time, but there is still time to join the campaign!

Our supporters have broken a bevy of stretch goals in the past week, and we're hoping to unlock a few more before the campaign ends. In addition to being able to offer better EU and Australian shipping (thanks Ross!), we're also taking $10 off shipping for EVERYONE! We are also throwing in more PDFs, the first of which is Dungeons 2, as voted on by the backers. We've added other content, too, like Cardboard Heroes and the custom hex bases for them.

With all this additional stuff, the value of the $250 "I Want It All!" pledge tier has skyrocketed. It was already a great deal, but now you are getting over $550 worth of rewards, including tons of PDFs, the GM screen, Cardboard Heroes, plastic bases, a year of Pyramid magazine, and even more that supporters could unlock. That's not even counting the actual boxed set and PDFs for that! We're excited to bring backers all this extra content, and here's hoping we can show you some more secret stuff. Remember - preordering GURPS Mars Attacks and Discworld Roleplaying Game also add to the stretch goals, so you can help out even if you have already backed!

The Dungeon Fantasy RPG design team also offered up some a peek behind the curtain. Sean Punch's Designer's Notes series is ongoing over on Medium, with four parts posted so far. The final part will go up in a couple days, so stay tuned. PK Levine, Steven Marsh, and Nikki Vrtis have given us a sample character as well. See the backstory and some of the moving parts that go into Lyndon Glibtongue, elven bard. And if you want to flex your creative muscles, we're holding a contest to create your own magic item on our GURPS forums. You can win a copy of the game, so enter before the campaign ends!

Thanks again to all the backers helping make this possible, and if you haven't, please check out the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game on Kickstarter! Get involved before the dungeon closes its doors.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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