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September 28, 2011: The Best Release In October!

Giant Cthulhu Dice I'm not sure which October release I'm looking forward to the most. Munchkin Axe Cop is a blast, GURPS Tactical Shooting has some immediate applications for the next campaign I'm planning, and Trophy Buck takes care of holiday shopping for a couple of non-gamers on my list. (I don't even think about Zombie Chibithulhu; my wife has a standing order for any and all plush we release -- her cubicle is . . . unusual.)

But I think the release I'm most anticipating next month is Giant Cthulhu Dice. The picture to the right shows the size, which certainly helps with the Awesomeness. It's the squishiness, however, that seals the deal.

You can crush them like a stress ball. You can bounce them (if they hit the floor just right you get a great "thud!"). You can throw them at co-workers (Please don't throw them at co-workers -ed). (Please don't wham them on the floor more than 20 or 30 times in a row if you're standing next to me. You know who you are. -SJ)

All this, and they're also a great game!

-- Paul Chapman

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