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In Nomine news! The Storium Kickstarter funded at an impressive $251,362 -- and the $150K stretch goal was In Nomine. Even now, I am told, minions of Steve Jackson Games are slaving away to translate the In Nomine universe into the card-and-storytelling system that Storium supports. Storium is a fascinating combination of play-by-email/post, cards, and roleplay, with a user interface that feels pretty slick so far.

Missed the Kickstarter? You can still join the Storium beta and receive many of the same rewards the KS backers had.

(And, of course, I must not miss this opportunity to note that there's a host of rich details in the books, still available in PDF form at Warehouse 23 . . .

Wednesday November 25, 2009: The Long Hard Road Out Of (Editing) Hell

In Nomine Superiors: Zadkiel

Betcha thought we forgot about In Nomine, huh?

It hasn't been an easy trip for poor In Nomine Superiors: Zadkiel. Fans have been waiting for her for quite some time now. The Archangel of Protection is not one to be denied, however. So now that the book is available for purchase by our eager (and very, very, very patient ) fans, just what's inside? Oh, just every little thing you could want to know about Zadkiel. Her likes, her dislikes. Her hobbies. Her friends. Her enemies. There might even be a little Canon Doubt and Uncertainty, if you're lucky.

But enough of my silly ramblings. This fine book has been delayed long enough, I think.

-- Fox Barrett

Monday June 18, 2007: New Demonic Activity Online

The Infernal Player's Guide is out of print and into pixels! And hot on its heels, to keep all those demons under control, is Asmodeus - expanded to a 42 page PDF! Find them both now at e23.

Thursday November 30, 2006: Litheroy Is Up!

The newest Superior to be released in PDF format, Litheroy is now available on e23. The Archangel of Revelation is the latest Superior to come out, and you can expect more as additional Superiors make their way through the pipeline.

Tuesday March 21, 2006: e23 Wish List now online

The e23 Wish List has been posted, and the item at the top of the list is an open call for authors for In Nomine Superiors: Marc! If you're interested, head on over to the Wish List for details!

Monday January 16, 2006: March of the Superiors

Lilith isn't the only Superior to get the e23 treatment: Genevieve "Maya" Cogman's expanded writeup of the long-awaited Eli has recently been released as an e23 exclusive!

Not only that, but word on the street (well, the e23 news feed) is that another Superior's expanded writeup is coming this month. Scott hasn't said which Superior it is, but that shouldn't stay a secret for long . . .

Thursday December 1, 2005: The Sorcerer's Impediments

A new In Nomine adventure is up on e23: The Sorcerer's Impediments, by Elizabeth McCoy and Chris Aylott. The Sorcerer's Impediments contains all the rules you need to play, making it an ideal introductory adventure.

Once you've run the adventure and your group's hooked on In Nomine, be sure to check out all the rest of the In Nomine material on e23, including the newly-revised Core Rules!

Wednesday November 16, 2005: Core Rules republished on e23!

The In Nomine Core Rules are now available as a PDF download from e23. This is a revision of the second printing, with all known errata fixed – and the color interior art has been fully restored to e23's version. Best of all, even with these enhancements, the PDF still costs less than two thirds of the print version's price. Check it out today!

Thursday November 10, 2005: Superiors: Lilith on e23!

Don't miss the new In Nomine products on e23 this month! Superiors: Lilith, written by Beth McCoy, is now available, and the revised In Nomine Core Rules will come online on the 16th. Keep an eye out!

Monday June 27, 2005: In Nomine on e23

e23, the electronic-publishing arm of Steve Jackson Games, has had several In Nomine adventures available for some time now – but this weekend marks the release of the first fully-fledged electronic supplement for In Nomine: Liber Umbrarum, the Book of Ghosts.

Liber Umbrarum expands greatly on the rules for ghosts first touched on in the Corporeal Player's Guide for In Nomine, with details on a dozen new types of ghosts, ideas for ghost-centered campaigns, ghosts as player-characters, allowing a slain PC to remain in the game as a ghost, new advantages and disadvantages for dealing with ghosts, and more.

Wednesday January 19, 2005: e23 Now Open!

New In Nomine material is among the offerings at e23, the SJ Games download store. Support will continue here . . . keep watching.

Sunday January 16, 2005: Symphony & Silence MUSH now open!

Symphony & Silence is an In Nomine MUSH set in current day Austin, Texas, where there is a thin balance of power between the forces of angels and demons. There is a wide variety of character types to choose from, including angels, demons, remnants, saints, soldiers, undead, and mundanes (humans). Story arcs and smaller plots will be on-going and there is the potential for other cities to become available for play.

Symphony & Silence, located at, is now open for character generation; see the website or the online help files for details!

Don't forget to check the In Nomine Online Roleplaying Community list for a full list of official In Nomine MU*s, and see the In Nomine Online Roleplaying Policy if you're interested in starting your own.

Monday September 27, 2004: New In Nomine MUSH opens today!

Set in the modern-day city of Louisville, Kentucky, Heaven. Hell. Horses follows the secret war of Heaven and Hell for the souls of humanity in a time where Greed holds an unsteady rulership over the local area. Humans (whether Soldiers or unaware of the war), Undead, angels, and demons are all available for play, and the Kentucky Derby will be a reoccurring plotline.

Heaven. Hell. Horses, located at telnet:// (port 4206) is open for new player applications as of Monday, Sept. 27, 2004.

Thursday July 8, 2004: Character Creators redux

There's a new In Nomine character creator in town: Elizabeth McCoy has designed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to help design and streamline characters. Note that this is a tarred, GZipped file; in order to download it, you'll need a program to decompress those formats. Also, the spreadsheet requires Microsoft Excel (or a program that will read Excel spreadsheets).

Also, the link to Tim Converse's In Nomine character creation program has moved; here's the current location. This is a Windows program, with no Mac or *nix equivalent that I know of.

You can find a complete list of Steve Jackson Games game aids here.

Also, don't forget that we have non-automated character sheets, made by the inimitable Tafka J., here.


Monday April 21, 2003: Unofficial EPG-GURPS Conversion

William J. Keith has converted the Ethereal Player's Guide to GURPS; although it's not an official conversion, it's an excellent start, and interested GMs and players should check it out here.


Saturday February 22, 2003: EPG Shipped!

The Ethereal Player's Guide has shipped to distributors! Expect it to hit stores within a week or two.

Sunday December 22, 2002: EPG Release Date Moved

Due to unavoidable delays, the Ethereal Player's Guide has been moved to a February release date.

Tuesday November 5, 2002: EPG Moved To January Release

Due to art and editing considerations, the Ethereal Player's Guide has been moved to a January release.

Monday September 16, 2002: Ethereal Player's Guide Slated For December Release

The Ethereal Player's Guide has been put into the publishing queue for a December release – just in time for the holidays!


Thursday August 29, 2002: EPG Out Of Playtest

The Ethereal Player's Guide has finished playtest and is being read by the Managing Editor as of the latest rumor. As soon as the management have decided on a production slot for it, they'll announce it in the New and Upcoming Releases pages!


Friday May 10, 2002: Ethereal Player's Guide Now In Playtest!

I think the title says it all, really.

What? You want more information? Okay. The Ethereal Player's Guide has gone into playtest. The playtest is available only to Pyramid subscribers; if you're not subscribed, it's only $15 a year.

Check it out!


Tuesday December 11, 2001: In Nomine Anime Ships!

That's all, really . . . In Nomine Anime ships today, just in time for the holiday season! Support your local FLGS, or check out Warehouse 23!

Also, don't forget to check out Lightstrike, a book of the art of John Zeleznik (the man whose illustration graces the cover of the first edition of In Nomine). It's available through Cartouche Press, and you can preview it here.


Tuesday October 9, 2001 (Later): IN: Anime Playtest!

In Nomine: Anime is now in playtest! Pyramid subscribers can go here to access the files, and to the discussion board for . . . well . . . discussion of the playtest.

Not yet a subscriber? Click here to subscribe!

[Link removed; the playtest is over. – Webmaster]


Tuesday October 9, 2001: Request for sites!

Someone on the mailing list alerted me to the fact that a certain large fraction of the links on the Unofficial In Nomine Sites page were invalid (thank you!), and so this morning I did a purge. Everything still on the page should be a valid link.

However, this brought something to my attention: I'm removing links much faster than I'm adding them. This troubles me.

I know my list isn't complete, so here's my request: If you've got an In Nomine site that I don't know about – and to my knowledge, all of the In Nomine sites I know about are listed – then by all means, email me, and tell me "Hey! You forgot my site!". Don't forget the address!

[Email link changed; the webmaster now handles this. – Webmaster]


Thursday August 30, 2001: In Anime . . . no, really!

Just in case you haven't heard yet, there's a new supplement for In Nomine on the schedule. The 32-page In Nomine: Anime, by Genevieve "Maya" Cogman, focuses on In Nomine in a world where the rules of Japanese animation and comics apply. Be prepared for schoolgirl brigades, "alien" space cruisers, and tentacled monsters ( . . . wait, we already had those . . . ).

In Nomine: Anime is scheduled for release in December, followed by the Ethereal Player's Guide next year. Be on the lookout!


Tuesday July 31, 2001: EPG back on the schedule!

Tentatively, at least . . . SJ has stated that the Ethereal Players' Guide is back on the list of Books To Be Produced, though probably not until next year.

Pyramid subscribers can read all about it in the 7/06/01 Pyramid chat, located here.


Saturday February 10, 2001: Los Angeles, CA, USA In Nomine Tournament

Sent in by Sean McCarthy:

The LA Airport Westin is the home to our main local roleplaying convention. From Friday Feb. 16th to Monday Feb. 19th. There will be five IN tournament qualifying games and the final on Sunday. I am helping to run the tournament this year. Any level of experience is welcome and we have converted quite a few people in our time. Plus, it's a fun convention in general. Admission to the convention is something like $35 for the weekend or about half that for single day.

The convention is named OrcCon and here's the location . . .

The Westin Los Angeles Airport
5400 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
FAX: 310-417-4545

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me. This tournament has been running at every convention since IN came out, IIRC. Lots of fun to be had by all.

Wednesday February 7, 2001: INC updated

The In Nomine Collection has been updated. Also, check the Unofficial In Nomine Websites page for some new links (coming later today).


Saturday January 27, 2001: INC Down

The In Nomine Collection will be down until Monday morning for maintenance and restructuring. Thanks for your understanding.


Saturday October 21, 2000: Brass & Steel, and a Calendar

Hola, folks. Two pieces of interest this time:

First, the Brass & Steel In Nomine MUSH is open for soft/alpha roleplaying, to introduce characters and get a feel for the setting. To reach it, direct your MU* clients to, port 2323. [Link no longer valid. – Webmaster]

Also, the website for the 2001 In Nomine Calendar is up, and the cover art available for viewing. Check it out!

Oh, by the way: while I do maintain the website for In Nomine, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to give a canon answer to a question you have about the system or setting. A better place to look might be the In Nomine Mailing Lists; the digest is available here.


Sunday October 8, 2000: Character sheets, et alia

Tafka J. has provided us for five new character sheets, for the Princes from Superiors 4 – Alaemon, Fleurity, Mammon, Valefor, and Vapula. Check 'em out here!

In other news, the Awakening Online Roleplaying Group is looking for participants. They run games based on what their players want to play, so if you're looking for an online game of In Nomine, sign up and let 'em know!


Saturday September 23, 2000: Hardcover Samples In

The hardcover sample copies have arrived, and they look great. :)

More news at the Daily Illuminator. Steve certainly seems psyched!


Saturday August 12, 2000: New Cover Art

In Nomine's getting a reprint, and with it comes some new cover art. Dig it here.


Thursday July 27, 2000: I don't believe this . . .

Again, almost a month between updates. In the meantime, both Superiors 3 and GURPS In Nomine have been released, and Tafka's sent me some new character sheets, which – like the others – look pretty nifty.

I'll have those character sheets up tonight, if all goes well. Meanwhile, I'm still gathering and sorting documents for the INC, and with any sort of luck at all, that'll be updated this weekend.

Keep watching the skies,


Friday June 30, 2000: Character Creator

I just discovered this over on the Computer Game Aids page, and I figured that you might not be aware of it either. Tim Converse has written a character creator for In Nomine; you can download it here. I'll be installing it in a moment, but go ahead and see what you think.


Wednesday May 31, 2000: INC Update!

Well, folks, finally the In Nomine Collection has been updated. You can read the news there for more details.

Keep checking out Tafka's new character sheets, too!


Sunday May 28, 2000: New character sheets

Just before midnight on Friday, I finished uploading the last of Tafka J's new character sheets. I must say, they look great – Tafka's obviously spent a lot of time putting these together. Head on over and check them out!


Thursday May 26, 2000: New Character Sheets

It's just before midnight, and I've just finished uploading the last of Tafka J's new character sheets. I must say, they look great – Tafka's obviously spent a lot of time putting these together. Head on over and check them out!


Wednesday May 10, 2000: Two books go to print

Nothing fancy this time . . . but Superiors 3 and GURPS In Nomine go to print this week. Just thought we'd let you know – look for them soon in fine gaming stores everywhere!


Saturday February 26, 2000: Too many eternities . . .

Superiors 3 is finally being sent away to layout, and now Superiors 4 is in playtest; check it out if you're a subscriber, and if not, why not subscribe today, for the low low price of $15/year?

Also on the agenda . . . this is a week late, but late is better than never, I suppose. Our beloved Archangel has a new baby girl, Iolanthe Lynn Cayce McCoy. Pictures of parents and child can be found here.


Monday December 6, 1999: Now in playtest!

Superiors 2 has left playtest to go to final editing – but not to fear, Pyramid subscribers, because Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy has just gone up for playtest! If you're a Pyramid subscriber, check it out!

[Playtest link removed. – Webmaster]


Friday November 26, 1999: Now in stock

The Game Master's Guide and Superiors 1 have arrived in stores. Get your copy before they sell out!


Monday November 15, 1999: Still auctioning

The In Nomine hardcovers over on the auction page are still there, although the black one is GOING TWICE . . . get your bid in quick, before you lose your chance!

[Auction link removed. – Webmaster]


Thursday November 4, 1999: Hardcover auction

Although the In Nomine hardcovers are out of print, we've managed to come up with three of them – two angelic white, one demonic black – and we're auctioning them off! Head over to to check them out!

Also, a tidbit for you Pyramid subscribers – if you haven't already seen it, the Nybbas writeup for Superiors 2 has now been posted.

[Auction and playtest links removed. – Webmaster]


Wednesday October 13, 1999: News, at last!

First off, your friendly local Online Editor is back in business, after a cross-country move that left him without access to the server for a month and a half.

You Are Here, the Book of Locations, is currently in stores, so go out and pick up a copy! We have a cover for Superiors 1, and Superiors 2: The Takers is currently in playtest over on Pyramid! Check 'em out!


Wednesday August 11, 1999: You Are Here ships!

Finally, some news!

The Book of Locations for In Nomine ships this week. For all the players who keep on asking their GMs where they are, and all the GMs trying to give them an answer – You Are Here. Now the players just have to cope with it . . .

Also, after a month of intensive playtesting, the Game Master's Guide and GURPS In Nomine are finally ready to head to SJ's hands and beyond. Superiors 1 is still up, however; if you're a Pyramid subscriber, check it out!

[Playtest link removed. – Webmaster]


Saturday July 17, 1999: More New Playtest Material!

From the fingers of Archangel Beth:

Now in playtest! The Game Master's Guide, containing information for new and experienced GMs both. Tips, universal mechanics, unanswered (if not unanswerable) questions, and everything ou need to build your campaign the way you want it!

Also in playtest is the first of the long-awaited Superior books, containing not just the existing expanded write-ups of David, Dominic, Laurence, and Michael, but also all-new material on what it's like to be a Servitor of those Words.

Of course, you have to be a Pyramid subscriber to participate in the playtests. If you are, the links are above; if not, why not subscribe, for only $15 a year, and get access to the playtests and much more!

[Playtest links removed. – Webmaster]


Wednesday July 14, 1999: New Playtest Material

The first Book of Superiors is now in playtest! Superiors 1 gives motivations, plot seeds, and all-around general information on four major Archangels – Laurence, David, Michael, and Dominic. If you're a Pyramid subscriber, you can check the playtest files out here – and if you're not, why don't you subscribe for only $15 a year?

[Playtest link removed. – Webmaster]


Tuesday July 6, 1999: New Coding Guidelines

Writers and editors beware, we've implemented some new coding guides! The changes aren't really terribly huge, but effective yesterday, they must be used if you're submitting a manuscript. (This only applies to print materials, though – Pyramid is web-based, and uses different coding.) You can find the coding guide here.


Saturday June 26, 1999: CPG Cover Auction

We're auctioning off the first proof of the cover of the Corporeal Player's Guide! Rejected only because it didn't include the beam of light shining upon the human, this copy is shiny, unfolded, and unmarked. Go over to the auction page and check it out!

[Auction link removed. – Webmaster]

Christopher "EDG" Anthony

Monday June 14, 1999: New Playtest Files

Just a little news today – the Conversions chapter is up for the GURPS In Nomine playtest. If you're a Pyramid subscriber already, check it out here; if you're not, why not subscribe and join in the fun?

[Playtest link removed. – Webmaster]

Christopher "EDG" Anthony

Thursday June 10, 1999: New Online Editor, New Links, New Playtest

Greetings, faithful readers! I'm EDG, and I'll be serving as Online Editor for the foreseeable future. (Not to worry, Eslin fans – she'll still be maintaining the In Nomine Collection.) I've spent the better part of today going through the entire site, fixing dead links, and adding links where appropriate, so that should be clean for now – and, I've added links to two of the newer books on the 1999 schedule, the Corporeal Player's Guide and You Are Here, the Book of Locations! Check 'em out!

Also, GURPS In Nomine is now in playtest! This is the official conversion by "Archangel" Beth McCoy and Walter Milliken, among others. You must be a Pyramid subscriber to participate in the playtest.

Christopher "EDG" Anthony

Tuesday June 8, 1999: In Nomine Survey Results

The results of the In Nomine players poll are here! Yes, the historicals did make the top . . .

Caroline Elliott

Friday June 4, 1999: In Nomine Survey Results In

The results of the In Nomine players poll have been tabulated; a link to the final breakdown will be here shortly. Watch this space.

Caroline Elliott

Tuesday March 16, 1999: Online Environments and Book of Locations

The draft procedure for licensing online worlds based on In Nomine is now available. We're also looking for a volunteer to manage the program; contact if you'd like to apply.

Also, the In Nomine: Book of Locations is now in playtest. This is a book filled with common places to be used in any In Nomine campaign. You must be a Pyramid subscriber to participate in the playtest.

Emily Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Wednesday March 10, 1999: The Angels of Cheryl Mandus

There is beautiful art available online. The Angels of Cheryl Mandus is some of the best. A few of these prints are available for sale, click on the info links next to the pictures for details.

Emily Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Thursday January 28, 1999: Corporeal Player's Guide

The third in the series of In Nomine Player's Guides, the Corporeal Player's Guide provides new and expanded information about Servants of God, evil Sorcerers, undead, and all those other more-than-human, less-than-divine character types. It is slated to ship in May.

Emily Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Friday January 15, 1999: Liber Servitorum Playtest

The Liber Servitorum contest is over, and is now available for playtest on Pyramid Magazine. To get access, one must be a Pyramid subscriber.

The Liber Servitorum contains angels, demons, ethereal spirits and humans, fully described with statistics and story backgrounds, for use as either NPCs or quick start PCs in an In Nomine campaign.

Emily Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Tuesday December 8, 1998: Liber Servitorum Contest

A contest is being held for entries in the next In Nomine sourcebook: the Liber Servitorum. This is a book filled with NPCs and other interesting characters to populate an In Nomine campaign. The contest rules are available online. The contest ends January 10, 1999, so don't wait!

Emily Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Wednesday October 28, 1998: Hardbacks Sold Out!

The In Nomine Hardbacks are sold out! Next to ship will be Liber Canticorum (the book of Songs), shipping December 14th, and Liber Castellorum (the book of Tethers), shipping January 18th.

Thursday September 17, 1998: In Nomine Tether Book

The In Nomine Tether Book (Liber Castellorum) is now available for playtest on Pyramid's playtest boards. To get access, one must be a Pyramid subscriber.

The Liber Castellorum is a book on the care, feeding, and nuturing of a tether, along with details on the Seneschal, the resources available to a tether, and a list of famous tethers.

In other news . . . the hardcover of In Nomine is just about completely sold out. If you don't have yours yet, now is the time to order before they are gone for good.

Keeping on things,
Emily K. Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Tuesday September 8, 1998: In Nomine Song Book

The Playtest on Pyramid Magazine has closed, and the Song Book has been sent off to the printers. It should be on the shelves of local hobby stores in a few weeks.

Keeping on things,
Emily K. Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Monday August 17, 1998: Angelic Computers

The Vatican first went on line in 1996 and the website offers thousands of Catholic Church documents and Papal speeches.

The site is powered by three host computers named after angels – Raphael, Michael and Gabriel.

Raphael stores graphics and navigation paths. Michael protects the site from intruders and Gabriel interfaces between the other two computers and the world beyond the 108-acre Vatican city state.

Keeping on things,
Emily K. Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Thursday August 13, 1998: In Nomine Song Book Playtest Files

The Playtest files are available . . . if you are a Pyramid subscriber.

The In Nomine Song Book is a collection of, well, songs for the In Nomine roleplaying game. There's lots of other stuff in there, too, like rules for combining songs, creating new songs, using songs to counter other songs, and lots more.

On August 14th, there will be discussion boards available on the Pyramid Magazine site.

Keeping on things,
Emily K. Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Monday August 10, 1998: Kind Words for the IPG

From the Daily Illuminator:

The new issue of Shadis Magazine reviews the Infernal Players' Guide favorably; we always like to hear the phrase "must-have." The reviewer closed by calling the book "a framework for fully-fleshed, three-dimensional characters that, like their angelic contemporaries, generate as many interesting thoughts about human nature as they do about the game itself."

Keeping on things,
Emily K. Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Wednesday July 15, 1998: In Nomine Origins Award Souvenir . . .

When In Nomine won the Origins Award for Best Graphic Presentation of a RPG, it was accepted by Micah Jackson (who used to work here, and contributed greatly to the development of the Choir of Elohim). Micah saved the little "the envelope, please!" card, which turns out to be very nicely designed and printed . . . shoot, one could almost frame it. But we'll get the real plaque here soon, and so will the designers, so why not offer this little souvenir in the auction?

Keeping on things,
Emily K. Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Wednesday July 8, 1998: In Nomine Wins An Origins Award

The Origins Awards were announced July 3rd, and In Nomine was honored for the Best Graphic Presentation of a Roleplaying Game, Adventure, or Supplement of 1997. Congratulations to Derek Pearcy, Jeff Koke and Dan Smith for their excellent work.

Keeping on things,
Emily K. Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Wednesday July 1, 1998: Off to the Printer

This showed up in the Daily Illuminator today:

Let the trumpets blow! (But not all of them . . .) Book IV of The Revelations Cycle, Fall of the Malakim has gone to the printer.

It looks like the book will be in stores near the end of July.

Keeping on things,
Emily K. Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Friday May 8, 1998: Author's Best Friend

For the budding author who is interested in writing a little fiction, or just interested in keeping all their game props coordinated, there has been provided an In Nomine Stylesheet. It contains a list of proper plurals, terms, and formats for character sheets.

Keeping on things,
Emily Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Friday April 17, 1998: Infernal Player's Guide Review

Thanks to Bradon Walker for ending my quest and pointing me in the right direction. Mania Magazine wrote a review of the Infernal Player's Guide in this week's Out of the Box column. It's rather positive.

I'm still working on repairing some of the broken pages on the In Nomine Collection and with Steve Feldon on his handy GM online resource, the In Nomine Character Encyclopedia, a listing of all the NPCs provided in the sourcebooks to date.

Keeping on things,
Emily Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Tuesday April 7, 1998: A New Face and a New Guide

Hi. My name is Emily Dresner, and I'll be taking over as the Online Assistant Editor for the In Nomine web pages. If some demons creep into the web pages, you can bet it was because of the Balseraph who stands over my shoulder and occasionally resonates.

In other news, the Infernal Player's Guide shipped on March 30th, 1998, so look for it at a dealer near you soon. It's chock full of interesting information on the demonic bands, so check it out.

Keeping on things,
Emily Dresner
Online Assistant Editor

Wednesday November 19, 1997: In The Name of Humor

The LintKing has come up with Murphy's Law according to In Nomine. Click here to see Murphy according to the various infernal Bands and Princes and here for a divine take on it by Choir and Archangel.

Online Assistant Editor

Tuesday October 21, 1997: Golden Oldies and Golden Goodies

Two things to report today.

The first thing is that the In Nomine Mailing List Archives have moved here.

The other tidbit for the day is that the In Nomine jewelry pieces we told you about before are now available as angelic and infernal pendants in silver and bronze. Check them out, but if you get one, keep an eye out for Janus or Valefor. They're both attracted by shiny things.

Online Assistant Editor

Tuesday October 14, 1997: Heaven and Hell Ships

Yesterday, October 13, Heaven and Hell shipped out. This means that it should show up at your local shop in a week or two. Part three of the Revelations Cycle, it expands the writeups of Kronos, Yves, Asmodeus, and Dominic, as well as introducing Zadkiel, the Archangel of Protection, and Mammon, the Demon Prince of Greed. It also describes Heaven and Hell in greater detail, of course.

Also, Paul J. Taylor recently sent us the GURPS In Nomine rules, converted to Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format (complete with sidebars). Thanks, Paul! [Dead homepage link removed. – Webmaster]

You can download the Acrobat reader direct from Adobe.

Online Assistant Editor

Wednesday October 8, 1997: The FAQ's Back

After a little bit of trouble, John Karakash, In Nomine FAQ Keeper, has the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list back up and updated. Check it out; it can save you a lot of questions. A plaintext version is also available here.

Online Assistant Editor

Thursday September 25, 1997: Up For Bidding . . .

New in our auction: A glossy color proof, about 11" × 17", for the front and back covers of the new In Nomine book Heaven and Hell. Rogério Vilela keeps outdoing himself on these cover paintings . . . We'll send this out as soon as it's sold, so you'll have it before the book hits the stands. Visit the auction page to bid!

[Auction links removed. – Webmaster]

Tuesday September 16, 1997: New In Nomine Line Editor

In Nomine has a new Line Editor, Elizabeth McCoy. For a little more about her, you can look at her site.

In other news, Heaven and Hell, the third book in the Revelations Cycle, went to the printer and will likely be released sometime in mid-October.

Online Assistant Editor

Tuesday September 9, 1997: The Marches Go Marching In!

The Marches, the second book in the Revelations Cycle, has just been released. This book will, of course, cover the Ethereal Realm, Beleth, and Blandine as well as many other topics. It should be arriving in your local gaming store within a week. (Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, et cetera.)

Online Assistant Editor

Friday September 5, 1997: Has Marc Got a Deal for You!

The Archangel of Trade has arranged yet another way for you to part with your money. At GenCon '97, a deal was struck to have the same lady who produces the jewelry of White Wolf's World of Darkness to do some In Nomine pieces in silver, pewter, and gold. They will be pins, keyrings, and pendants, as appropriate. More infomation as available. Oh yeah, there will also be the classic "eye in the pyramid" design as well. Fnord.

Wednesday July 23, 1997: Eternal Dawn

Paul Strack, a fan of In Nomine and maintainer of The In Nomine Collection 2, is currently running a play-by-email In Nomine campaign called "Eternal Dawn". It's a campaign set in Denver, with lots of interesting plot ideas for both Divine and Infernal games. One thing that makes it such a useful site is the fact that the moves have been put up on the web for perusal by the curious. One note: Paul is not looking for new players currently, but lurkers are welcome.

Night Music also shipped Monday, so copies should be arriving at your local gaming shop soon.

Donald G. Bixler
Online Assistant Editor

Monday July 7, 1997: Night Music Arrives!

The advance copies of Night Music have arrived. (Along with the advance copies of Pyramid issue #26.) Everyone says it looks good, and expect copies to be arriving at your local gaming shop sometime in the latter half of this month!

Donald G. Bixler
Online Assistant Imp

Monday June 30, 1997: Ship Dates

No, this isn't about romance aboard the Titanic. Instead, here's some good news from John Karakash, In Nomine NetRep, FAQ Keeper, mailing list Moderator, and all-around busy guy:

"I've gotten some firm dates on the next four releases. And knowing SJG's reluctance to part with such info unless it's pretty certain, you can probably count on them. Note that this does not include whatever 'acts of God' might interfere with getting them from the printer."

Current Scheduled Ship Dates:

Night Music – July 14
The Marches – August 11
Heaven & Hell – September 1
Angelic Player's Guide – September 29

Donald G. Bixler
Assistant Online Editor

Tuesday June 17, 1997: Relics Contest

Have you created a cool relic for your In Nomine campaign? Would you like to share it with others? Steve Jackson Games is now sponsoring a Relics Contest! Send in your best relic ideas, and if your submission is accepted, you'll get your name in print, along with a free copy of the supplement in which it will appear. We're especially looking for outstanding submissions from people that might like to write more for us in the future. Visit the Relics Contest Page for full contest rules and info.

[Sorry, the contest's over. – Webmaster]

Thursday May 15, 1997: Survey

We're taking a survey of In Nomine players, to find out what sort of celestial characters you most often play. Visit the survey page and let us know. Thanks!

[Sorry, the survey's over. – Webmaster]

Thursday May 8, 1997: Night Music Changes

Night Music has moved to a June release date; the book hasn't left SJG to go to the printer yet, but it will soon. Meanwhile, we've added some sample art and the intro vignette to the Night Music page. Check it out.

Also, the In Nomine Collection now resides on our website, and is being updated and maintained by Elizabeth McCoy. Thanks, Beth!

Tuesday April 1, 1997: Announcing: In Anime!

Steve Jackson Games, maker of successful role-playing games such as GURPS, Toon, and In Nomine, will continue its tradition of crossover game worlds begun when they web-published GURPS: In Nomine by publishing In Anime, a crossover of In Nomine and Toon.

In Anime will feature angel and demon cartoon characters in a wacky and zany world of young adult celestial teachers battling for the moral life of their Mundane high school students.

The Vice-Principal has led a rebellion against the Principal and taken one-third of the Staff with him. Now the players must choose sides and win the hearts and minds of the youngsters in their class.

Watch out, the demonic professor of chemistry has a pipe bomb!

In Anime will be released exactly one year from today.


In Anime Ly'n Editor

Thursday March 20, 1997: Hardbacks Arrive!

The advance copies of the In Nomine Hardback showed up here yesterday. They look great. Be sure to order yours now!

And in other news, Gamer's World just did a nice review of In Nomine. Check it out.

Monday March 10, 1997: GURPS Conversions

The conversion rules for using In Nomine with GURPS are now online, and so is the In Nomine FAQ! Enjoy!

Saturday March 8, 1997: In Nomine Hardback

We're producing a special, limited edition of the In Nomine rulebook – in hardback! The hardback edition has the same full-color, 208-page interior as the exisitng softcover rulebook – in fact, the interiors were printed at the same time. We've just put a fancy new cover on these copies to entice those gamers who want a classier version of the game.

There are two new covers. The "angel" version features the In Nomine logo and a stylized cross in red foil on a white faux leather cover. The "demon" version comes in black . . . with the cross inverted.

The In Nomine Hardback will ship in late March to distributors, and will be available in game stores in early April. You can also order it from us through our online catalog.

Monday March 3, 1997: Upcoming Releases

Well, the first month or so of In Nomine's release has been a busy one for pretty much everyone. I've been cranking away on material for Night Music, Mike Sullivan has taken over from me the management of the In Nomine mailing list (in_nomine-l and in_nomine-digest) and its 500+ messages a week, various freelancers have turned in their supplementary material covering Laurence, Saminga, Soldiers of God, Soldiers of Hell, Undead and Saints, and Steve hit a bunch of conventions where he actually got to play the game.

Whoosh! And just back from the printer is the In Nomine GM Screen – up at SJG, they just received samples the other day, so expect it to ship out to distributors in no more than a couple weeks.

Then there's the In Nomine Hardback. If you haven't heard, SJ Games is taking the overruns of the interiors from the first printing and binding them into hardbacks. There'll be two different types of hardbacks: black faux leather and white faux leather, with infernal and divine cover designs respectively. The hardback should also ship in a few weeks, God willing. Just to tell everyone officially, since there seems to be some speculation on the subject, this is not a second edition, nor have any changes been made to the text.

And I think that's about it right now. If nothing else, I'll let you know when Night Music goes away to the printer, so expect to hear from me here again in no more than a few weeks.

Derek Pearcy

Tuesday February 25, 1997: Character Sheets Now Up

The In Nomine Character Sheet is now online (as a GIF image) for download and printing.


Tuesday February 18, 1997: Be an Angel/Demon!

We've added two new In Nomine lots to our auction – check 'em out. The winners get to design an angel and/or a demon for a future In Nomine supplement. If your secret wish is to be a celestial being . . . well, here's your chance.

[Auction link removed. – Webmaster]


Wednesday February 5, 1997: "It is finished."

Father! Into your hands . . . I commend my roleplaying game.

Okay, it's not my roleplaying game. It's Croc's, really. I just wrote this version of it. And after living with it for the past three and a half years, it should start to trickle into stores today.

That's probably all the news I'll have for awhile. Feel free to drop me a line – otherwise, I'll catch you on the next go round.

Derek Pearcy

Tuesday February 4, 1997: That Book'll Come Out . . . Tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar. On Wednesday, February 5th, In Nomine will finally see its offical public release.

Hey, what more is there to say? We're working on supplements, the GM Screen is at the printer, and if you're lucky you'll have your hands on the core book in less than a day.

But just for fun, let me show you a little pattern I've noticed. In Nomine goes to the printer on Saturday, and on Monday it snows. In Nomine proofs are scheduled to come in, and the whole city is shut down by ice. The actual printed In Nomine books come in, and it freezes again. Keep in mind that we're in Texas. Ice is common in water glasses at restaurants, but it's very rare – one might almost say unnatural – to see ice sitting around out in the open, much less covering everything in sight. So even though it's a wonderful 60 degrees in Austin today (that's Fahrenheit for all you Celsius freaks out there), I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed tomorrow. I'm not saying I'm betting on it, I'm just saying nothing would surprise me at this point.

Derek Pearcy

Sunday January 26, 1997: Mmmm. Digests.

I had a little bit of time on my hands, between working on text for Night Music and cooking cheese bread for a Superbowl party, so I thought I'd throw some more of the In Nomine mailing list digests on the web. Thanks to everyone for participating! Remember, 10 days and counting until the books hit the stores.

Derek Pearcy

Saturday January 25, 1997: Mmmm. Books.

The monster shipment of copies of In Nomine came in today, and our valiant shipping staff is working over the weekend to make sure all our distributors get their copies in time for the February 5th release date. (At least, that's the latest date we're considering.) Wish them luck!

Derek Pearcy

Friday January 17, 1997: Peace at Last
or, When They Do The Double-Dutch, That's Them Dancing

So yesterday, I got the call. Copies of In Nomine had come in. There were only a few – two, to be exact – but they were in. I've got a copy and SJ Games has a copy. Steve, fully subscribing to the philosophy that selling something is more important than having something to sell, was talking about auctioning off his copy, so check the Daily Illuminator for news about it. People are welcome to make me offers for my copy.

(Later-In-The-Day Update: Okay, okay, so that was sarcasm about being willing to part with copy #0 of In Nomine, but after I saw that the auction was not only actually taking place, but bringing in some real dough, I've joined Steve's side of this economic problem. If the second-highest bidder wants my copy that bad, he can have it. I've already read the book. – dp)

Now you may think, "Of course the creator will say they're beautiful, of course he'll say he's happy with it," but you don't know me very well. After being forced to manually kern type in school, I've acquired a knack for critically picking apart everything I do until there's little pride and even less satisfaction remaining. In short, I don't generally like things I do.

I like In Nomine. I mean, the cover (and inside cover, which you gotta see) came off great, as well as I could've hoped (and since I designed the cover three years ago this month, I had pretty high hopes for it). The interior's nice, too. I'm looking at it right now. Oh sure, I'm raking myself over the coals for the few apostrophes which are typographically incorrect, and the one page which has some art that should've been moved half-an-inch over to the left, but I can't escape the fact that it's done, and it's beautiful. The last day has been spent hanging out with my close friends, shoving my copy in front of their faces and giggling like Gabriel on Ritalin.

Uh, oh. The first sign of developer strain is making allusions to the game world he's been working on. It's a good thing Mike Sullivan was just hired as the In Nomine line editor. He's going to be shepherding the brain-child of this strange cross between French and American game designers through its initial growth spurts and beyond. You'll still hear from me for time to time, and I'll keep updating this page in the near future, but after three and a half years, I'm thinking it might be good to stop worrying about things on a cosmic scale for awhile and return to living my life.

To In Nomine fans on the mailing list: we had some trouble at Illuminati Online earlier this week which screwed things up for awhile, but everything should be normal now. Wish us luck.

To In Nomine fans with credit cards on the web: you can order In Nomine from our online catalog now.

To everyone else: go buy a Soul Coughing CD.

[Auction link removed. – Webmaster]

Derek Pearcy

Monday January 13, 1997: #@*%!

Well, we were expecting the printed pages of In Nomine to show up today. Austin's been snowed in for the past several days; schools and businesses alike have been closed because of the weather. I heard we'd gotten in a package from the people who're printing In Nomine, and assumed it was what I'd been waiting for. Braving the cold and the ice and the snow, I made it up to the office and tore the package open, only to find the 1997 calendars which our printer so thoughtfully sent us.

Loud, anguished cursing aside, we expect to have finished books in house any day now. Wish us luck.

In the meantime, enjoy this story of Lucifer, an early piece of In Nomine from Pyramid #8, recently reposted to the web. Later,

Derek Pearcy

Saturday January 11, 1997: Supplements

One of the big questions we keep getting hit with is: When the hell will supplements for In Nomine be out? We don't expect people to wait three and a half years for the first supplement like you did for the original book.

The first supplement is the In Nomine GM's Screen, a tri-fold with all the handy charts and such you need to speed combat along, calculate your players' damage to the Symphony and keep you from having to reference all the Songs in the book. In the middle of the screen is a very simple chart showing the Choirs and Bands, and their relations to one another – and a hideously complicated chart illustrating the Superiors and their animosities. It's a beautiful thing, like elaborate celtic patterning, and it'll make your job as a GM that much easier. To flesh things out, and to rationalize extracting from you the cost of the damn thing, we've included a 32-page adventure from S. John Ross, plus (if They let us get away with it) rules for taking out the Avatars of Superiors. Want to know how much it would take to wax Archangel Michael's corporeal vessel? You won't be able to do it, but the info's there. This doesn't mean that a powered-up party, aided by a bit of surprise, couldn't take out a lesser Superior (such as the new Archangel and Demon Prince included with the adventure) but it's still risky.

The first real sourcebook for In Nomine will be Night Music. It fleshes out the place of humanity in the Symphony, introducing more detailed character creation rules for Soldiers of God, Soldiers of Hell, Saints, Undead and Sorcerors. Each sourcebook will also further flesh out some of the Superiors from the original book, introducing Arcane Rites, new Attunements, a more detailed back history and roleplaying notes for the GM. Night Music focuses on Laurence, Archangel of the Sword and General of Heaven's Soldiers, and Saminga, Demon Prince of the Dead, enemy of all life and creator of the Undead. As if that isn't enough, there's the Demon Prince of Rock and Roll to contend with. Put some wax in your ears and get-on-to-the-bus.

SJ Games is committed to getting a bunch of supplements out this year. Keep in mind this is nothing official, but here's what we'd like to see. The Marches would be a guidebook to the ethereal realm focusing on Blandine, Archangel of Dreams, and Beleth, Demon Princess of Nightmares. It would also have support for Archangel Gabriel and Prince Belial, who share the Word of Fire – you can guess what happens when their Servitors get together. Then there's Heaven and Hell, containing the history of the In Nomine cosmos and further fleshing out the conflict between Yves, Archangel of Destiny, and Kronos, Demon Prince of Fate. Also featured would be Asmodeus, Prince of the Game, and Dominic, Archangel of Judgment – two of the only Superiors on opposite sides of things who've been known to actively work together. We'd also like to see The Children of the Grigori (for Eli, Novalis, Andrealphus and Haagenti) Reliquary (for Marc, Jean, Nybbas and Vapula) and the ominous-sounding Armageddon (wrapping up the series with a world-shattering campaign covering the machinations of Michael, Baal, Jordi, Malphas, Janus, Valefor – and Kobal!). Again, nothing official; this is just a peek into the creative process of how we get supplements from "hey, that's a good idea" to a game shop near you.

The In Nomine discussion list is being created today. Send a message with the text "subscribe (list name, either in_nomine-l or in_nomine-digest if you'd like the digest version)" to Or at least that's the way I think it's done; I'm a new comer to the internet list circus, but I bow before the excellence of majordomo. I'll be handling the list until SJ Games hires the In Nomine developer. They've already interviewed several extraordinarily talented people from the world of gaming, and I'm sure someone cool will be stepping into my shoes shortly.

And that's it for this update. Later,

[The mailing list interface is now here. – Webmaster]

– Derek Pearcy (

Wednesday January 8, 1997: Woo-hoo Magoo!

Spread the word: In Nomine has been printed. They're printing the covers today, and binding the books no later than the first part of next week. It's shipping from the printer on the 17th of January, and we're expecting to get the book out to our distributors by the 27th. So! If you reserve a copy at your local hobby store right now, you can have your hands on a copy in less than a month.

Of course, there'll be copies floating around my house no later than the end of next week. Like my ex-housemate Dustin says, "Woo-hoo!"

Since I've got a little pull with SJ Games, I'm sure of getting a copy, but pre-orders for In Nomine are getting nice and monstrous so you really might want to reserve a copy to make sure you get one. No kidding.

In other news, I no longer work for SJ Games. I'm hitting the freelance road. Until we get the In Nomine mailing list up and running, you're still welcome to email me your questions.

– Derek Pearcy (

Tuesday December 17, 1996: Flash!

A quick note – the retail price of In Nomine has just dropped five bucks to $24.95. Our dark minions in sales and marketing wanted to make sure it was available to even more people than before, so I thought I'd pass along the good news. Later!

– Derek Pearcy (

Monday December 16, 1996: No More Blah Blah Blah!

Well, we've been having lovely weather in Austin until recently. This morning, I walked out to my car only to find it covered in – yes – snow. We seldom get snow. Saturday, I'd been tooling around town as though it was still summer.

But the snow and the ice and my breath fogging before my eyes only served to remind me that what had happened Saturday had not been a dream. In Nomine had gone to the printer, and shortly thereafter Hell had frozen over.

Not that I compare Austin to Hell, but comparing my life over the past month or two (or, really, the past three and a half years during which I worked on the project) to the great abyss would not be entirely out of line, though you didn't pull this page up to listen to me bitch. What you want to know is, "When will I have a copy in my hot little hands?"

Believe me, I want to know that, too. The book will ship to distributors in January. When in January, I don't know. There'll probably be an offical announcement very soon, and as news becomes available I'll let you know.

– Derek Pearcy (

Wednesday December 11, 1996: Yet Another Update

Ah, Christmas is in the air. Austin has settled down to a cool, wintry 70 degrees – I even had to wear a jacket yesterday!

And what better time of year to announce that In Nomine is finally going to the printer. Okay, so this is a little early, but we expect it to leave SJ Games before the end of the week. I can't even tell you all how happy I am. Everyone around here is ecstatic and weary, euphoric and tired.

Unfortunately, you won't see copies in stores for weeks yet, but at least it's going out of my hands. In the meantime, here's an early picture of Lynoure, the Demon of Shadow Shapes.

Also, when I wiped the older updates I lost the links to all the neat stuff I'd put online before. Here again is a chunk of the original Bright Dream, and some prototype character sheets (angelic and demonic).

– Derek Pearcy (

Monday December 2, 1996: Another Update

I've been getting email asking for an update to this page; it has, after all, been two weeks. Today's update: there will be no more updates until the book goes to the printer – which had better be soon, believe me. But I'm not even going to open up Netscape to see if I've coded these changes correctly. I don't have the time. When this page changes again, it's because the book's gone to be printed. Until then, we're still working on it. That's the situation, thanks for your patience!

And for those of you who are just slavering for the tiniest bit of In Nomine, check out the current issue of Mondo 2000, the one with two silver-haired girls on the cover. There's an extremely flattering review (also covering Chris McCubbin's GURPS CthulhuPunk) by Chris Hudak. Don't worry; even though they're very kind to us, they also tell it like it is: "Internal changes of heart at Steve Jackson Games have by turns altered, delayed or stopped entirely so many aspects of the game, with such regularity, they should have their design staff doing space shuttle launches." Hey, it's not rocket-science, it's roleplaying. But . . . point taken.

[Webmaster note: Some information in the 1996-2006 portion of this archive has been edited for relevance and/or accuracy. Some links were updated or removed in this process.]