The Illuminated way to play the Dittoheads

Subject: Dittoheads (was Re: [RULES] Libertarians)
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 97 16:00:29 EDT
From: Ralph Melton (ralph@DIAGA.FAC.CS.CMU.EDU)

Alex Yeager wrote:

Aside: Does it bother anyone else that Dittoheads aren't locked to that Personality that originally controlled them? I'm not necessarily arguing (a few Alien Abductions/Dittoheads in Bermuda's hands is a dangerous thing), and yes, I can look at them as leaderless sheep wandering from Charismatic Leader to Messiah and back, but something in there rubs me just a bit wrong . . .

Frankly, no, it doesn't bother me. In fact, I revel in it. I delight in the cynical knowledge that the shortsighted yahoos who recently followed Bill Clinton can just as easily follow George Bush. When I'm playing a Bermuda deck with two or more Dittoheads, I'll rearrange the Dittoheads gratuitously, just to underscore the awesome interchangeability of the Mindless Zombie Soul-sucking Drones. Muahahaha!

(I'm trying to work on my ranting ability in preparation for the SubGenius expansion . . . )


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