Why In Nomine is illuminated

Seen on the In Nomine mailing list, this one was too good to pass up. Thanks to Querent for this one.

Jesse wrote:

Hi folks.

I just bought Heaven and Hell. 1023? Jean's Hall 23? Jeez, makes me want a Paranoia-In Nomine crossover.


I think maybe there was another game in mind when those were written . . .

Further evidence that the tentacles of the Illuminati stretch even unto the celestial realm

IN NOMINE has 8 letters in it. (8=2^3)

Humans have 5 forces. (5=2+3, also invokes the Law of Fives)

Soldiers have 6 forces. (6=2*3) Soldiers are also able to perceive the symphony. Because of this they can control their essence use. Thus, soldiers become more powerful, once they become "illuminated".

In the Game Master Pack, Litheroy's Mercurian attunement specifically deals with conspiracies. His servants also receive a +6 to invoke him upon uncovering an Illuminati plot. (ok, that one wasn't very well hidden.)

Night Music promotes the city of Austin Texas as an In Nomine setting. This is the same Austin Texas that is home to the Illuminati's Online service. (funny that . . . )

The Marches, pg. 87 has a picture of a demented house. The picture is a triangular shape with an eye in the middle.

In the Angelic Player's Guide, the Kyriotate's choir logo includes three eyes in a pyramid. Also, the first of the choir logos, the Seraphim, appears on page 23. A symbol of truth on the page denoted by a symbol of the conspiracy?

And lastly . . .

There are 13 major Archangels, each with 7 choir attunements and 2 common servitor attunements. That's a total of 117 different attunements. Laurence makes his 2 servitor attunements available to soldiers, leaving 115 attunements beyond the ken of mortal men. (115=23*5, thus gaining the powers of the Law of Fives as well as 23's significance.)

And these are only the ones the stood out like a sore thumb!

(More of this stuff)

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