Still looking for SubGenius?

Thanks to Ralph Melton ( for this.

Dave McK ( writes:

If you check the Steve Jackson Games web pages, you'll see that it still says "In Production". That is, it isn't out yet.

well, THIS from that very web site:-

On August 23, 1997, at 2:35 pm, INWO SubGenius was released to fawning masses. The set quickly sold out; the last set was sold at precisely 5:32 pm. Steve Jackson says that they won't be publishing anymore. "That would be too obvious," Steve told the massive throng of the press. Fnord.

which is why I asked the question. BUT, is this info a scam? WAS it really released? does anybody have a set?

it seems that in the true spirit of the CoS and !NWO, no-one seems to know.

Well, at least he's gotten the true spirit of the CoS and INWO down.

In answer to your question:

Yes, this info is a scam.

Yes, INWO SubGenius was and is and will be released--the narrow-minded linear notions of time implicit in English tense structure are inadequate for expressing the exact temporality of this.

Yes, we all have sets--except you.

"All things are true." "Even false things?" "Even false things are true." "How can that be?" "Don't ask me, man, I didn't do it."

Do not be alarmed by the speed with which INWO SubGenius sold out. You can make your own with things found around the home. Simply obtain two ordinary packs of cards and send your money to "Bob", then wait for the sacred aura to descend and transubstantiate your cards into SubG cards. Two important things to note about this process: 1) Do NOT use pinochle decks--the karmic balance is not Right, and there are nasty side effects, the likes of which could only be conceived by M.C. Escher on some bad 'Frop. 2) Beware the Jokers after the transformation. Those cards go WILD . . . That grinning Dobbshead shines out from the cardstock and SEARS the MINDS of the Pinks and the unprepared.

Omnia quia sunt, lumina sunt--all things that are, are lies.

Do not be alarmed. You are perfectly safe. Return to your homes, where the SubGenii may laugh down on you as they flee the planet in the Xists's Pleasure Saucers.

Joke 'em if they can't take a f*ck.


I hope that this appropriately answers your questions.


Carlos S. ( also commented:

Beware the Stark Fist of Removal.

I am a victim of the Fist. I am now embodied in this computer in which I speak. The cards of the Subgenuis went to those who deserve it. The others must earn their slack. I ,in this purgatory state, now must make love with a live, nude grl on order to get slack. And then I can march into my dealer of inwo and say to the lackey HEY! I was sent here by BOB! BOB! demands me to get INWO Subgenius cards.I have made love to the nude girl. And I will get them or you shall face the fist! that's all

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