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One With Everything Deck Design Contest Winner

Steve Jackson Games sponsored a contest to design a set of INWO decks built from a single One With Everything set.

Entries were judged on multiple criteria including adherence to INWO deck design rules, balance between decks, average deck strength, number of decks in the set, explanation of deck strategies, and use of deck 'themes'.

All of the entries were impressive, and the designers obviously put in a huge amount of work, and the choice was very difficult. At least four of the decks easily deserved to win.

The winning deck set entry, Personality Clash, was designed by John Wood. It consisted of nine themed decks, one for each of the Illuminati. To build nine playable themed decks from a single OWE set is quite an achievement, and they worked surprisingly well in playtest in three and four player games.

Congratulations John!

As John points out in his comments on the construction, the compromises involved in building nine decks from a single OWE set means that the decks are not really suitable for play outside the set, since they are relatively weak and have too many groups. However, you might get roughly comparable opponents for the decks here if you took a single starter deck and built two decks from it.

If you have some Assassins cards, or a SubGenius set, or additional cards, you can easily boost these decks somewhat, and it may be worthwhile to substitute just a couple of cards. John has some suggested substitute cards at the end of each deck's listing.

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