World Domination Handbook

Illuminati: New World Order Rules

Changes between WDH 1.1 and 1.2:

The Turn Sequence now puts victory declaration after knocking (this is a clear end-of-turn signal).

Actions spent in self-defense are now computed as follows: The Power of an action spent by a Group to defend itself is doubled. If the action's Power is already doubled, it is tripled instead; if it's already tripled, it is quadrupled instead; and so on! If the target has more than one token, it can spend them all, and each one gets the bonus!

Immunity has been expanded from a Glossary entry to a section of the rulebook.

The standard Basic Goal has been set at 12 for 2-3 players, 11 for 4 players, and 10 for 5+ players. (This may be adjusted by mutual consent before the game begins.)

Two-player rules have been changed. Players in a two-player game may now make automatic takeovers by foregoing one of the Illuminati Action tokens they would normally get on that turn. This avoids the need to re-tune certain types of decks (those with several Secret or high-Resistance Groups) which would not be effective in games with no automatic takeover phase.

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