Spricht Deutsch

Translation notes by Steve Jackson, Andreas Finkernagel and Marcus Kuhn.


Any card that's a translation can be used in place of the original English-language card. If the illustration is the same, it's considered to be the same card. (But note that the illustrations for Texas, Savings & Loan, and Savings & Loan Scam are used on different cards in the German edition!)

The "official" text for each translated card is that from the English-language Unlimited Edition.

Renamed Groups and Resources

These cards are essentially the same as their English-language originals, but with new names (rather than translations) and new illustrations.

In English-language tournaments, any of these cards can replace the indicated English-language card, but both cannot be in play at once. For instance, if Mallorca is played first, then Hawaii cannot be played. (However, if Mallorca is destroyed, Hawaii could be brought into play.)

Bundesverfassungsgericht (Group)
The German Supreme Court. Replaces Supreme Court.
Illustration: a robed justice (Shea Ryan)
Christdemokraten (Group)
Christian Democratic Party, the current party in power in Germany. Replaces Republicans.
Illustration: A rally, with the party leaders (Shea Ryan)
Die Brauereien (Group)
Breweries. Replaces Liquor Companies.
Illustration: A brewery cart with the keg leaking (Shea Ryan)
Frankfurt (Place)
(Business and industrial center of Germany.) Replaces New York.
Illustration: the Frankfurt skyline (John Kovalic)
Frankfurter Borse (Group)
Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Replaces Wall Street.
Illustration: The exchange floor (Dan Smith)
Gewerkschaften (Group)
Mining Unions. Replaces CFL-AIO.
Illustration: Sign-waving miners (Dan Smith)
Gewerkschaftsfuhrer (Personality)
Union Boss. Replaces Jimmy Hoffa.
Illustration: He's making a speech to the miners (John Kovalic)
Jack the Ripper's Tagebuch (Resource)
Jack the Ripper's Diary. Replaces Hitler's Brain. (Even in a satirical game, references to Hitler are a bit out of line in Germany. But they didn't have any trouble with the South American Nazis - that's as funny/weird in Germany as it is here.)
Illustration: the diary (Dan Smith). You'll see that same art, in another context, in Assassins . . . it was evil, and we had to have it on one of our cards too.
Kartenlegerin (Group)
Psychic Business Advisors. Replaces Cattle Mutilators.
Illustration: a tarot-reader and a businessman (Shea Ryan)
Mallorca (Place)
(Mallorca is an island vacation spot, popular in Europe.) Replaces Hawaii.
Illustration: A beach scene (Dan Smith)
Sozialdemokraten (Group)
Social Democrats - a leading German party. Replaces Democrats.
Illustration: caricatures of the leading triumvirate of the party. They expected to win the last election. They were wrong . . . (Shea Ryan)
Insurance Combine. Replaces Savings & Loans.
Illustration: The illustration from the original "Savings & Loan Scam" (Shea Ryan). Yes, the German edition switched these two illustrations, to make them go better with the translated text.

Renamed Plots

These cards are essentially the same as their English-language originals, but with new names and illustrations.

They are all legal for English-language tournaments, with the same wording as the original Plot.

Demo in Berlin (Plot)
Like it says: Demonstration in Berlin. Replaces March on Washington.
Illustration: Waving signs in front of the Brandenburger Tor, or Brandenburg Gate (Dan Smith)
Lottomillionen (Plot)
Lotto Millions. Replaces Sweepstakes Prize.
Illustration: A rich man in a limo (Dan Smith). Note that this is the Texas illustration from the U.S. Unlimited Edition, since Texas is not in the German set.
NWO-Card: Wiederaufbau (NWO)
New World Order: Rebuilding (a reference to the post-war reconstruction of Germany.) Replaces Solidarity.
Illustration: A family picks up stones to rebuild their house (Dan Smith)
Zwangsraumung (Plot)
Reference to a condominium-conversion mania which is currently putting many German renters out of their apartments. Replaces Savings & Loan Scam.
Illustration: The illustration from the original "Savings & Loan" (Shea Ryan)

Brand New Cards

These cards are new to the German edition, and represent people, places, things or Evil Stuff that was funnier or more appropriate for the German branch of the conspiracy. Except where noted, they are legal for English-language tournament play, using the wording shown below.

Autonome (Group)
The Autonome are anarchists. Most are actually peaceful, but the violent ones get the news coverage.
Illustration: A street riot (Dan Smith)
Gives +10 on any attempt to destroy any Government group.
Power 3, Resistance 4
Fanatic, Liberal
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Burschenschaften (group)
These are conservative, all-male student groups which affect military dress.
Illustration: an arrogant-looking fellow in uniform, with medals and a sword (Shea Ryan)
You may spend this group's action to draw another Group card at any time.
The Burschenschaften count as two conservative groups towards any goal.
Power 3, Resistance 4
In English-language tournaments: This card may not be in play if the Fraternal Orders are in play, and vice versa. This card may not count as two conservative groups if the same player is using the Fred Birch Society for two conservative groups, and vice versa.
CONspiracy (Group)
The German INWO/Magic convention, which hosts the German national M:TG championship.
Illustration: Drooling game geeks with their hands controlled by puppet strings (Dan Smith)
There is always someone who controls you . . .
Gives +1 Power to all your other Weird groups.
Power 2/2, Resistance 3
Fanatic, Weird
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written. (This is a rare card; it was given out as a convention promo, and not in the regular distribution.)
Dagobert (Personality)
A famous German criminal, who specialized in bomb-threat extortion schemes. He's now in jail. (In German, "Uncle Scrooge" is called Dagobert Duck.)
Illustration: a cop arresting someone in a duck mask (Dan Smith)
Once per turn, Dagobert can try, as a free action, to steal one Action token from any Corporate group. Roll a die. 1-3 means bad luck; nothing happens. 4-6 means success. Dagobert gets the stolen token, but can only use it for his own defense.
Dagobert may only steal tokens before they are used . . . he may not wait until the token is used and try to steal it them!
Power 1, Resistance 3
Criminal, Fanatic, Straight
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Der grosse Magier (Personality)
The Great Magician - a stage magician.
Illustration: Pulling a rabbit out of a hat (Shea Ryan)
Gives +2 on any attempt to control any Magic group. Has +10 for direct control of any Magic group.
Power 1/1, Resistance 2
Peaceful, Magic
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written. (Obviously this is a wizard, hiding in plain sight by pretending to be a fake. A good card for Hermes!)
Erich Honecker (Personality)
Honecker was the last leader of East Germany, before reunification. His card replaces Fidel Castro in the German set, but his ability is different.
Illustration: He's shaking hands, as the wall is demolished behind him (Dan Smith)
And the wall will stay forever!
You may place up to three Plots under Erich. They don't count against your limit, and cannot be exposed. You can use any of them at any time. Before using one, you must remove it from under Erich and roll a die. On a 1 or 3, discard it! On a 4 through 6, use it, paying the normal actions or other costs.
Power 1, Resistance 6
Conservative, Government, Communist
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written, and a nice way to keep some cards around for emergencies. But even Erich can't let you stash more than one Goal card, unless you're the UFOs!
Fussballprofis (Group)
Pro Soccer Players. This group replaces Professional Sports, but with different abilities. Soccer is the leading sport in Germany, and the German national team is one of the best in the world.
Illustration: soccer players counting their money (Shea Ryan)
The Fussballprofis' Corporate puppets add the attribute Media.
Power 2, Resistance 4
Corporate, Media
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written. Nice for a Media deck, of course, and can be useful in a Corporate deck.
Genschman (Personality)
Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former Foreign Minister of Germany, who still has considerable influence throughout Europe.
Illustration: Caricature of Genscher dressed as Superman; there's the Brandenburg Gate again, behind him (John Kovalic)
Genschman is liberal when he feels like it. He is treated as Liberal if and only if you, the Illuminati pulling his strings, want him to be Liberal. He gets a +2 bonus any time he aids in the defense of any Nation.
Power 3/3, Resistance 3
Straight, Liberal (sometimes)
Hannelore Kohl (Personality)
The wife of Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Very active in the campaign against cancer.
Illustration: A motherly lady looking at a pear (John Kovalic)
The Red Cross gets an extra Action token every turn if Hannelore is in the same Power Structure.
Power 2, Resistance 2
Conservative, Straight
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Helmut Kohl (Personality)
Chancellor of Germany since 1982, and leader of the Christdemokraten. Cartoonists love to caricature him with a pear-shaped head.
Illustration: What else? He wears a beret, which provides the stem of the pear (John Kovalic)
Helmut gives a +3 on any attempt to control any Government group that is part of Germany.
He has a +8 for direct control of any Government group. Any time Helmut's alignment matters, roll a die. On a 1-3, he's Straight at the moment. On a 4-6, he's not.
Power 4, Resistance 2
Conservative, Government, Straight (sometimes)
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Hipos (Group)
Parking-meter readers - not police, but a volunteer auxiliary. They are not beloved . . .
Note the uniform. In the US, police have blue uniforms and the money is green; in Germany, it's the other way around, which led to minor coloring changes on quite a few cards!
Illustration: A victim dashes to feed the meter (Shea Ryan)
Spend this group's action to choose one player. Your victim must remove one Action token from each of his groups that has more than one.
Power 1, Resistance 4
Straight, Government
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Joschka Fischer (Personality)
Leader of the German Green party, anti-nuclear activist, never seen without tennis shoes.
Illustration: Fischer, pulling the switch on a power plant (Shea Ryan)
Has a +4 for direct control of any Green group. By using his action, Joschka can cancel an action of the Nuclear Power Companies.
Power 1/1, Resistance 4
Government, Liberal, Green
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Karnevalisten (Group)
Carnival-goers. Think of Mardi Gras . . . Every February, a lot of seemingly-normal Germans get very weird, and keep it up until the beer is gone.
Illustration: A lecturer, wearing a jester hat, standing behind an elaborate podium which looks like an owl (Shea Ryan)
Gives +2 on any attempt to control any Weird group.
During other players' turn, the Karnevalisten are Straight. During your own turn, they are Weird. (In a two-player game, they're Weird only on every second turn.)
Power 2, Resistance 4
Weird (sometimes), Straight (sometimes)
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written (a truly weird power for a Weird group).
Manta-Fahrer (Group)
Manta drivers - a Manta is a sports car. The Germans tell "Manta driver" jokes as well as blonde jokes. Destroying the Manta drivers will always draw cheers in a German game. The traditional Manta driver dates a hairdresser - thus the scissors.
Illustration: a grinning idiot in a red sports car, complete with blond girlfriend (Dan Smith)
They're so stupid, they believe everything in the commercials!
By spending one Illuminati action, or action(s) of Media groups with total power of 6 or more, you may add any one alignment to the Manta-Fahrer. This effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn. You can't add an alignment that is opposite to one they already have.
Power 1, Resistance 4
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Showmaster (Personality)
A talk show host (replaces Gordo Remora, with different abilities)
Illustration: A happy host and a grungy guest (Shea Ryan)
Going on his show is always a gamble . . .
Spend his Action token to roll one die for any other Personality, with the consent of that Personality's owner. On a 1-3, the Personality's printed power is reduced permanently to 1. On a 4-6, it is permanently doubled. Only one appearance is allowed for each Personality.
Power 1, Resistance 1
Straight, Conservative
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Stammtischpolitiker (Group)
Political discussion (and drinking) clubs, mainly of old men.
Illustration: A table in a beer hall (Shea Ryan)
Constant discussion leads to illumination and the truth...
The Stammtischpolitiker can use their action to reverse any alignment of any group in play. This effect lasts until your next turn.
Power 1, Resistance 1
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written. (This ability is the same as that of the Gay Activists, but lasts longer. Still, there's no reason not to use them at the same time.)
Supertrainer (Personality)
The Soccer Coach from Hell. In Germany, a good coach sits at the right hand of God . . .
Illustration: Gleeful coach in a locker room (John Kovalic)
By using his action, the Supertrainer can put a just-played World Cup Victory into your hand. He can do that only once per turn. He has +10 for direct control of the Fussballprofis.
Power 2/1, Resistance 4
Conservative, Straight
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Talkmaster (Personality)
Another talk show host; in Germany, a "talkmaster" hosts a more serious program, while a "showmaster" is small talk and media flash.
Illustration: He's inviting you to sit down. Germans looking at the card will get the reference; the rest of us are Not Cleared For That Information (Shea Ryan)
I'm a very good cook. And a very good butler too . . .
He gets +6 for direct control of any Personality.
Power 1, Resistance 2
Liberal, Media
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Tennis-Star (Personality)
Female tennis star.
Illustration: She's knocking the cover off the ball at Wimbledon (Shea Ryan)
Your Power Structure gets a +4 to defend against any attack involving a Media group. She gets a +10 against any attack involving a Media group.
Power 1, Resistance 4
Liberal, Straight
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
Topmodell (Personality)
Illustration: Yes, she certainly does, doesn't she? (Shea Ryan)
Gives +6 on any attempt to control any male Media Personality. By using her action, she can cancel any action of any Media group.
Power 1, Resistance 1
Peaceful, Media
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
The United States.
Illustration: The Statue of Liberty, as seen from Europe (John Kovalic)
Gives +10 for direct control of the United Nation. Gives +4 on any attempt to destroy Violent groups.
Power 6/5, Resistance 8
Government, Liberal, Huge, Coastal, Nation
In English-language tournaments: Not legal, because - according to local Illuminated propaganda - nobody can ever control the whole US at once, even its own government. From across the Atlantic it looks different . . .
Zuvieldienstleistende (Group)
The "Zivieldienstleistende" are those who have chosen alternative service (in hospitals or social work) rather than be drafted into the military. Changing the first two letters to "Zu" rather than "Zi" is a German pun implying that they over-exert themselves . . . which is pure sarcasm.
Illustration: A punk sends a wheelchair rolling down a steep hill (Dan Smith)
Be careful, gramps! Your wheel might be loose!
By using this group's action, you can decrease the Power of any one Conservative group by 3, or increase the Power of any one Liberal group by 3. This effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn.
Power 2, Resistance 3
Liberal, Fanatic, Green
In English-language tournaments: Legal as written.
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