The Cheating Game

Some fiendish people think INWO is even more fun when nothing is sacred. If you agree to allow cheating, the rules become merely a shell over your real game.

You may not move the cards in opposing Power Structures, and you may not mark, damage, or permanently steal, cards belonging to other players. There are no other limits. Anyone caught in the act must undo that cheat. That's the only penalty.

You can misread the dice, lie about the Power or Resistance of your groups, palm cards, stack your decks, stack others' decks . . . and if someone leaves the table, anything goes!

Misrepresenting the rules is perfectly fair, but if someone looks up the rules and catches you, you should just grin and say "I lied," rather than delay the game with further inoperative statements.

You should play the Cheating Game only with very good friends, or with people you'll never see again...

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