INWO Variant: Using Homebrew Cards

Have games where each player brings two homebrew cards with them-- one Plot and one Group. Each player builds their deck with 43 cards. Game set-up is as normal, except that they draw one fewer Group and Plot initially.

The homebrew cards are sorted into Groups and Plots, shuffled, and dealt randomly to the players - one of each to each. These go into their *hand*, which means they're more likely to be played.

Play normally.

At the end of the game, review the homebrew cards for balance and usefulness. Those that are good are added to the official cards for use by anyone in the game. Those that need work are discussed and may be returned after editing for further testing.

You might even have a sort of card design prize--the winner doesn't have to pay for his pizza, or whatever you deem appropriate--to encourage good, balanced card design. [Lynette Cowper]

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