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Ogrethulhu Miniatures – Ogrethulhu Mk. V
  • Painted Ogrethulhu Mk. V
Ogrethulhu Miniatures – Ogrethulhu Mk. V – 2001 Origins Nominee

Origins Nominee for Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniature of 2001

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Ogrethulhu Miniatures – Ogrethulhu Mk. V

Suggested Retail Price $19.95 * Stock number 10-2701
ISBN 1-55634-566-6
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"Foxtrot Base, this is Galahad 1222, responding as ordered to Sector Gamma-7 . . . no worries, I'm the fastest, slipperiest thing out here . . . OK, this must be what your sensors picked up . . . it's big, big as an Ogre, but the profile isn't quite . . . My God, what IS that thing? Is that a tenta<click> . . ."

When an Ogre Mk. V is possessed by an unspeakable Eldritch Horror, the result is a doubly-unstoppable killing . . . well, not exactly a machine, but a creature of inhuman cyberintelligence and unholy hungers, with tentacles, claws and a never-blinking eye . . .

This detailed miniature, sculpted by Richard Kerr, will dominate any game table, and teach players the meaning of REAL fear . . .

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