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Ogrethulhu Set 2 – Spawn of Ogrethulhu
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Ogrethulhu Set 2 – Spawn of Ogrethulhu

Suggested Retail Price $19.95 * Stock number 10-2702
ISBN 1-55634-604-2
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When the Ogrethulhu started EATING its victims, the fleeing survivors thought they had seen the depths of horror. But the madness had barely started. Because soon the pods on the monsterís back began to swell. Then they burst wetly, and the victims emerged . . . unthinkably changed.

The Ogrethulhu creates its own infantry support from its victims! The Spawn are packaged in a reusable plastic box . . . 72 infantry figures of 12 different and disgusting types. These monstrosities are somewhat larger than normal infantry, giving sculptor Richard Kerr more scope for his twisted imagination . . .

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