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Deluxe Ogre
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  • Faceoff with craters
Deluxe Ogre – Wargamer Award for Excellence

Deluxe Ogre earned The Wargamer Award for Excellence for 2001.


Deluxe Ogre

Game Design by Steve Jackson * Cover design by Philip Reed
Map painted by Denis Loubet

Miniatures in 3 video boxes, map, and rulebook with a slip cover.
Suggested Retail Price $49.95 * Stock number 10-5001
ISBN 1-55634-464-3
Out Of PrintClick here for dealer info

This big set contains everything you need to play a basic Ogre scenario, with a Paneuropean Ogre Mk III attacking a Combine command post – using 1/285 miniatures as the playing pieces. It includes the Ogre rules, a giant-sized version of the Ogre map, and all the miniatures needed to play the game in three reusable plastic cases. Some vehicles were resculpted for this set.

This Set Contains:

  • Complete Ogre Rules
  • Giant 35" × 22" Map
  • 3 Plastic Boxes
  • Box Labels
  • Ogre Mark III
  • Combine Defense Force:
    • Command Post
    • 6 GEVs
    • 4 Heavy Tanks
    • 4 Missile Tanks
    • 1 Howitzer
    • 21 Infantry Squads
    • 10 Infantry Bases


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