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Combine Ogre Mk. VI side profile

A side view, painted by Richard Kerr.

Combine Ogre Mk. VI front view, with scale

The width of the Mk. VI's front.

Combine Ogre Mk. VI side view, with scale

The height of the Mk. VI's tower.

Combine Ogre Mk. VI overhead view, with scale

The length of the Mk. VI's hull.

Rear hull detail scan

Here is a close-up of the rear hull.

Rear hull detail

The digital version.


Here are the pieces that make up the Mk. VI.

Combine Ogre Mk. VI – 2003 Origins Nominee

Origins Nominee for Best Science Fiction Miniatures Series of 2003


Combine Ogre Mk. VI

The biggest war machine created by the Combine was the culmination of the Ogre line, the Ogre Mk. VI. This behemoth is 3 5/8 inches long and 1 7/8 inches wide. The chassis stands 15/16 of an inch tall (the tower adds an additional inch).

The Mk. VI carries 3 main batteries, 6 secondary batteries, 16 antipersonnel guns, 6 external missiles, and 3 missile racks (with 12 internal missiles). It adds 250 points to your army.

The Mk. VI was designed to be a terror to all who encountered it – infantry, armor, and even other cybertanks. It was never produced in large numbers, and the designers suspected that they had reached the point of diminishing returns in terms of the optimum number of weapons to load onto any one platform. Nevertheless, it performed admirably whenever it was involved in a battle.

In combat, the Mk. VI normally has a primary target, which it heads for at full speed. Any significant resistance can be met with a massive 9-missile wave of destruction, while multiple smaller targets can be flattened with numerous single missile attacks. The Mk. VI has sufficient weaponry that it rarely holds any missiles in reserve, often firing them all off well before the middle of the battle.

This figure was sculpted digitally by Richard Kerr, who also painted the images on the left and below.

The Ogre Mk. VI is only available through Warehouse 23.

Price $39.95 * Stock number 10-0107
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Also available is the Ogre Mk. VI Repair Kit.


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All the Ogres, all in a row.


The Ogre Mk. VI may be used in a number of published scenarios with only a few changes. However, due to the "Fuzzy Wuzzy" phenomenon (see "Ogres and The Fuzzy Wuzzy Fallacy" by Lawrence Duffield in The Ogre Book), it is recommended that no more than 25% of the opposing force be made up of identical units, unless that total represents a single figure (such as another Ogre).

Ogre Mk. V on Defense

This scenario uses the basic map, also known as the crater map. The goals are identical to the basic scenario (the Mk. VI must destroy a command post located at the opposite end of the map). The defense has an Ogre Mk. V and 96 points of armor.

Ogre Mk. VI on Defense

This scenario uses the basic map, also known as the crater map. The goals are identical to the basic scenario, with the Mk. VI and 6 GEVs defending a command post against two Fencer-As and 48 points of armor.

Duel I

This scenario can be played on any map. The Ogre Mk. VI's goal is to get from one end of the map to the other. Trying to stop it are two Ogre Mk. III and 48 points of armor.

Duel II

This scenario is identical to Duel I above, but the defenders are an Ogre Mk. V and an Ogre Mk. III.

Ogre Raid

This scenario uses the G.E.V. map, and is based on the Advanced Raid scenario from the Ogre/G.E.V. rulebook (9.036). The attacker in this variant has an Ogre Mk. VI. The defender has 48 points of infantry and 60 points of armor. The defender also rolls for reinforcements once on even turns, and twice on odd turns (as per 9.036).

An Ogre Mk VI deals with a couple of annoyances.

Record Sheet

Ogre Mk. VI Record Sheet

Every Ogre needs a record sheet. Click on the image for a more printer-friendly version in PDF.

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