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Combine Set 12 – Ogre Mk. III-B

Combine Set 12 – Ogre Mk. III-B

Suggested Retail Price $19.95 * Stock number 10-2112
ISBN 1-55634-590-9
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The Mk. III-B was an upgunned version of the trusty Ogre Mk. III, adding two more missiles and another main battery. It was a very effective unit and remained in production as the most potent cybertank of its size class, even after the Mk. V was developed.

The Mk. III-B is packaged in a reusable plastic box and adds 120 points to your Combine force.

This box contains a complete Ogre Mk. III-B; a "repair kit" (with an extra tower and set of guns) in case of battle damage; a "swimming tower" to represent the Ogre when it's underwater; and a record card.

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